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    11.22.16 @ 04:46 PM
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    I think this is a pretty fucking cool idea. At least it's more bearable to watch than the shit on the home network.

    It's totally cool to see deserving fans of musicians see their dreams of meeting their fav musicians (& then some) come true.....

    Case in point: The Tommy Lee episode was on & when he got to the guy's house, he was completely overwhelmed by how loyal of a fan the guy was. He even looked at an "authentic note" allegedly autographed by him & said "That's not my signature," & grabbed a pen, crossed out the bogus one & signed it on the spot. When the guy got home he was clearly choked up about what Tommy did to the room they remodeled. When the garage door opened & Tommy showed up he was totally speechless. The best part about it was Tommy shook his hand & the guy said "That's all I ever wanted right there, just the handshake."

    Hey, even the "Cabo episode" was pretty cool. It's great to see famous musicians emotional and appreciative about the fans that put them on such a high pedestal.

    It's about time we see some good programming on some of these "music" channels.....
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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I agree with you Hecubus. I think that musicians forget about the fans and how much these people respect and admire them.
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