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    Just got done listening to Mark & Brian's Christmas show on KLOS. John Waite was cool. Brian Setzer was awesome as always. Pat Benatar was great too (she'll be at the HOB, New Year's Eve). But Styx kicked ASS! They're going to be at the Grove Theater in Anaheim at the end of the month. I might just have to go check that out. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Unfortunately, I didn't start listening until about 8:30. Did anybody hear the whole thing? If so, what did I miss?

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    Go see the Styx show. I've seen them 3x over the past year or two, great shows. They dump the Dennis DeYoung ballads and rock.

    Talk about fan friendly, Tommy Shaw posts regular notes to their web site, almost every day while on tour. Even when they are idle, he posts once a month. Gotta be jealous given what site we're on right now.



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