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    05.22.18 @ 07:19 PM
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    Next week's TV Guide has an article about the "100 Music Moments That Rocked TV", and just like most lists of this ilk, it reads as if it was put together by monkeys. While I agree with most of the moments on the list, I think that there are some that should've been given a better position. #1 on the list is ol' Slick Willie playing sax on "Arsenio Hall" - please - that's probably what got him elected in the first place and some of us feel that wasn't a very good moment for this country. "Live Aid" only clocks in at #26, behind such stellar moments as the premier of "The Osbournes", "American Idol", Whitney Houston lip-synching at the Super Bowl, Sting performing with Puff Daddy, Homer Simpson at Hullabalooza and Phoebe and Chrissy Hynde singing "Smelly Cat" on "Friends". And of course I'm biased, but I feel that U2's stirring, emotional live performance/remembrance at last year's Super Bowl should've ranked higher than only 90. And "WKRP in Cincinnati" didn't even make the list in any form! But of course Nirvana made it like 50 times...(actually only 3, with another nod to Courtney Love, but that's more than enough...)

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    05.31.14 @ 07:17 PM
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    Any #1 moment that doesnt involve either Elvis or The Beatles on Ed Sullivan is a scam list.

    Charles Manson trying out for the Monkees rates higher than Clinton playing sax or anything that happened on Friends.

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