Hey folks!

I was attending a gig of Savatage's Poets & Madmen tour last night.

Was a cool night indeed. The other bands on the bill were Vicious Rumours as support act and Blaze (new band of ex-Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley) as special guests.

So... here's my detailed review.....

Vicious Rumors:
Played for about half an hour. Was ok, but I didn't particularly care for that band. Some songs were alright, but that's it. Nevertheless there's worse support bands.

Also played just for 35 minutes or so. But what a kick-ass set they delivered. Bayley and his men really made the crowd go wild. They played three tunes from their brand new album Tenth Dimension, three from their debut album Silicon Messiah plus the Maiden classics Futureal and Man On The Edge. I personally thought the version of the latter one was really good.

Had two new guys in the band to replace Al Pitrelli and Zak Stevens. Their show wasn't bad either, but I thought the sound was quite strange at times. The drum kit sounded like shit at the very beginning and some stuff sounded a bit distorted as well. They also started the show with the full original version of Queen's The Show Must Go On as intro tape. So, that was a pleasant surprise for me as a huge Queen fan. Anyway... the new singer (David blah blah... whatever his name was) doesn't have a bad voice, but then again... he didn't have too much to do. Jon Oliva sang a good part of the vocals. The new axeman didn't have much to do either... just had to play rhythm parts. They played some new stuff from the post-Criss era, but thank gawd they also digged out the classics: Sirens, Gutter Ballet, Edge Of Thorns, Believe, Chance and closed the set with Hall Of The Moutain King

After show was even better.....

I was able to have all members of Blaze sign my limited edition version of their new album Tenth Dimension plus the tour shirt and the ticket. And I talked to each of them for a while. They're really nice guys, all pretty down to earth. Blaze himself was also quite shy but I was talking to him about the setlist of their upcoming headliner tour, the new album, which song they should do a video clip for and even about Maiden's Brave New World.

So... it was a GREAT night for me overall.

Oh... I also took pix of each of the three performances. Might post some as soon as they're developed. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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