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    06.15.14 @ 03:00 PM
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    What a show, from beginning to end the boys from AC/DC did not dissappiont. There wasn't much difference in the set list from back in August when I saw them, but it didn't matter, the show was just as good. It was Fri. night everyone was all jerked up and Angus was in rare form. There was a new twist in the stage show on "Whole Lotta Rose" as a huge balloon of a somewhat large woman in a bikini came out of the back when they played "Rosie" that was pretty cool. Angus did his classic strip tease routine during "Bad Boy Boogie" and during the part where he usually moons the audience he pulled his pants down and ws wearing a pair of American Flag boxers. What a great show, once again I was blown away, can't wait until they come around again!
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    10.09.12 @ 01:50 PM
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    Cool. A friend of mine saw them in Philly (last night I think) - sounds like this leg of the show is rocking more than the first, Angus is jamming more and they added Get It Hot?

    I'm going to see them on Tuesday at MSG [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]
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