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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    There is a very interesting and insightful interview with Bob Daisley on his official site...

    Bob Daisley Interview

    There's a lot of stuff there I didn't know. He says he wrote pretty much all of Ozzy's lyrics on his first few solo albums. That contradicts Ozzy's whole "Me & Randy Musical Soulmates" schtick. He also pretty much says he arranged all of the songs with Lee Kerslake in those days. He made Ozzy sound like a drunken buffoon that took credit for all of his contributions.

    The thing I find interesting is that after all the times Ozzy abused his trust, he kept coming back to help him. Hmmm...
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    06.16.05 @ 07:22 AM
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    I didnt' realize he was probably the most experienced hired gun ever! wow, cool guy.



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