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    I am a Van Halenized Canadian!
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    05.19.18 @ 08:39 PM
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    Hey I was wondering if anyone is a fan of Giant? I love them!!! They are incredible! I can't believe that they never were really popular. I found out about them from Melodicrock. They have everything I love in a rock band, great singing and harmonies, awesome guitar playing and riffs, great use of keyboards, cool lyrics etc.

    My favorite songs by them are You Will Be Mine, Without You, Stay, The Sky Is The Limit, Hold Back The Night and Innocent Days. Although I love 90% of their songs. [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]
    Right Now you're reading my post!

    I can't stand rap....people who can't sing do can sing rebellion as well as talk it....Hitler would have been in a rap band...

    -- John Entwistle

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    Fair Warning and Balance (Tie)
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    02.16.16 @ 05:50 AM
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    I dig They Might Be Giants. Any relation??
    Istambul was Constantinople now its Istambul not Constantinople.......
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