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SOD/MOD's singer Billy Milano

This is by far the angriest and one of the most brutal 20 Questions we've ever done in our 3 1/2 years of doing this. It's so angry if you're not paying attention to what Billy's saying a hand will come out of your screen and slap you in the face. So pay attention!

In case you don't know, Billy is the singer for S.O.D, Stromtroppers Of Death, which also includes Scott Ian & Charlie Benante from Anthrax and Danny Lilker. He's also the singer for M.O.D. Lately, he's been having some problems with Scott & Charlie and has posted some messages on various metal message boards across the net. So when Paul Crook emailed us and said he could get Billy to do 20 Questions with us, we thought we'd find out what the story is and get to the bottom of it. And you know what? Billy isn't shy about sharing his opinions. So consider yourself warned!


1. What are you up to? This is your only change to promote you shit.
I recently moved back from Dallas Texas to Hoboken, NJ. Just rebuilding my life- I am single again. Doing some production. Scar Culture and Merauder for century media records. Building my management co. back up. Same shit. Spending time with family and friends. Just enjoying being home. My new Band is called BULLYDANCE

2. Why are you so angry?
I'm not-it's more of persona thing. It's like wrestling, I am the Villain-and I love it.

3. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Anthrax-Preist-MOD-Maiden-SOD-Motley Crue- yatta-yatta-yatta

4. Is there anything you haven't eaten?
yeah your mother's ass- she isn't very fresh down there.but your sister was good

5. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a vocal God.
Phil Anselmo = 6
Don Dokken = 2
Tom Araya = 5
James Hetfield = 7
John Bush = 4
Joey Belladonna = 5
Sebastian Bach = 6
Dave Mustaine = 4
Vince Neil = 4
Axl Rose = 7
Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth = 5
Dee Snider = 5
Corey from Slipknot = 2
Ozzy Osbourne = 2

6. There has been a lot of talk on the Internet about you claiming to have had the idea for Anthrax to wear shorts on stage. Come-on Billy, do you actually expect the metal community to believe this?
Who cares what the fuck they think. Anyway, Gary Meskal from pro-pain was standing right there when i said it in 1985-because I suggested it to him for the crumbsuckers. He will verify this. that was in my back yard at the SOD record release party. Just another Idea from me that Anthrax stole- They are the biggest copy cat wannabe's

7. We've read that you are upset with the fact that Anthrax didn't include you in the VH1 Behind The Music. What makes you think that you had anything to do with their career as a band? Besides tell them to wear shorts of course.
My point behind that was simply this, any time Scott needed me-I was there for him. end of story. He never called me to say hello, how are you? I'm in town, nothing. But he called me up begging for me to do SOD because the IRS took his house for back taxes. I said no for 3 months to Murray "my business manager and accountant, as well as sod, mega force, ect" until Scott called me up and begged- I lost 7 years of my management momentum to help this fucking selfish cocksucker and he doesn't even call to say hello?!?!- I say fuck you-lets go to war. You know, I was actually going to let shit slide until this interview. But now-Charlie and Scott are gonna get choked out. I SHIT YOU NOT!!!!!!.

8. Have you ever seen the inside of a gym?
Dude- I may have a beer belly-But I am a fucking animal in the gym, which is why people only talk shit about me behind my back. When you stand in a room with methe game is different. I am ALFA.

9. How did you handle S.O.D.'s grueling touring schedule?
We didn't tour much- 3 -4 weeks once 2 weeks in europe and 9 days in japan. the 11 days more in america

10. Rate the following restaurants on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a place that sucks and 10 being a place that rules.
McDonalds = 1
Wendy's = 1
Burger King = 1
Jack In The Box = 0
Taco Bell = 0
Carl's Jr = 0
Subway = 1
Denny's = 2
El Pollo Loco = 0
White Castle = 0

11. SOD's first record was a big success. Most people attribute that to the fact that two of it's members are from the band Anthrax. How does that make you feel?
first off, SOD was blowing Anthrax record sales out of the door. in 87 when SOD played with Motorhead and Wendy O Williams. Charlie actually quit anthrax and wanted to do SOD full time because i rule as a frontman and Joey belladonna was a cheesy loser. Everyone in Anthrax cried like stuck pigs. Anthrax will always be second rate. Again Look at the time line. SOD big in 85-86-87. Anthrax only gets popular after SOD and Among the livingcomes out. By the way, Among was a rip off of my attitude, the NYC hard-core attitude and SOD. The funny thing is Scott and Charlie are gonna be kissing my ass to do SOD after Anthrax takes it's finale gasp and dies. And that's exactly what they are gonna have to do-KISS MY ASS,. And to answer your question,I don't feel anything but await my reconning.

12. What's the truth behind the "Indian's" riff off of Anthrax's "Among The Living" record?
When Anthrax was mixing Spreading the disease, I was playing a riff on the guitar rig in the live room and it was the Hacowiee riff from the show F-Troop. Charlie said he was writing a song for the next record about INDIANS, so he stole it like the evil kunt he is.

13. Why make an M.O.D. record? Aren't you afraid that when it sells nothing people will see you are nothing without Scott, Charlie, and Dan?
I want to- I don't care about anyone's opinion when it come to my music. I write what I want-How I want it, and when I want. Lilker and I are both underground scene people. Charlie and Scott are metallica wannabe's. Look at Anthrax- I never wore bullet belts- I never wore flannels-they are trendy bitch ass muthatfuckers who are gonna get moshed down hard.

14. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

15. The Last Of Billy Milano:
Last time you cried = During the green Mile
Last person you punched = A drunk last night in Louise's and Jerry's in Hoboken
Last time you drank a diet soda = today- diet 7 up
Last movie you saw = lord of the rings 4 times
Last exercise you did = 50 push-ups
Last 80s hairband CD you listened to = GNR
Last time somebody gave you a hug = today, from trista and Carrie my friends
Last time you stopped to smell the roses = everyday
Last successful project you did without help from any member of Anthrax = SOD"bigger than the devil" written by me and lilker , and ruined by Dimebag Ian with his pantera-thax guitar sound and charlie " can't you fix my double
kick in pro tools" benante'. When we were on the road-Me and Lilker hung out with the fans and charlie and Scott wanted to be rock star dicks. Oh yeah-the new SOD out sold volume 8. I am smiling again-LMAO
Last time you had a physical = High school- I don't believe in medcine and will kill death when he shows up to get me
Last time you were arrested = November to dismember in California last year for assault

16. Why do you always talk about Anthrax and not M.O.D? Is it because no one cares about M.O.D and this is the only way you can get 'press', by bad mouthing other people?
I think the reason I talk some much truth about SHIT-THRAX is the fact that it's the truth or the subject matter on what ever site I'm reading. Understand - Alot of people think they suck ass, not only me. In the underground MOD is still around-in it's own way.as far as bad mouthing people for press, It's wrestling, I am the Villain- and I love it!

17. Would you really beat up Iron Maiden over the cover to Bigger Than The Devil? Nicko looks like he can take a punch.
No- I love maiden. It was a joke, they just didn't like it because they are English and proper and shit

18. We wouldn't be doing 20 Questions with you if it wasn't for Scott and Charlie giving you a career. So why do you talk so much shit about the guys that helped you out?
Then go fuck your mothers ass - I did. And SOD gave me my success, not Anthrax. They sucked SOD for all it's uniqueness. Dude, you are digging a grave for those punks, no fooling. Because of this interview-they now die!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19. Who's bubble-butt?
your mother-

20. Time for Metal Sludge's Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Scott Ian = Living descendant of the bloodline that betrayed Christ. No loyalty-selfish- arrogant- rock star - dimebag wannabe. Got fired from VH1 for lack of charisma.
Dan Spitz = little cockeyed back stabbing midget who gave up being a jew to follow christ and the 700 club. EVIL-watch fixer
Paul Crook = Good Karma - Great musician- was too tall and too blonde to be involved in Anthrax. also Was hit on by the ram stein guy
Howard Stern = Brilliant-almost as angry as me- a good jew
Sebastian Bach = Good frontman good singer- funny on tv
Nikki Sixx = Fucked my old girlfriend- So did everyone else
Tom Araya = Good dude
Lars Ulrich = could'nt keep a steady beat with a drum machine
Bret Michaels = who cares
Gene Simmons = also fuck my old girlfriend, greedy jewish type dude- would rent out his tounge if he could write it off. But Brilliant
Dokken's "Dream Warrior" = It sucked- so did their wigs
Stone Cold Steve Austin = I prefer Ric Flair
Charlie Benante = an evil woman

21. After reading these questions, how worked up are you right now and have you started spitting on yourself yet?
No - it's all entertainment. except the fucking choke out Charlie and Scott got coming.

Billy, why don't you open up a bit more and say what you really mean!

Well, what else is there left to say? Billy doesn't have an official website, so we have nothing to plug here.

And now that he's had his say, let the Sludge hit the fan!