Looks like The Who have apparently rescheduled their Irvine Meadows date from 29 June to 15 September at 7:30 pm.

And, according to Ticketmaster's web site, if it is to be believed, it looks as though the Scorpions and Alice Cooper will be the opening acts on the bill for that night.

When you click on event info for The Who at ticketmaster.com, it shows the date of "Sunday September 15" for them AND for the Scorpions and Alice Cooper. Yet, when I called TM to verify this, even though I told them it's been there for 2 days and I was looking at it on THEIR web site at that exact moment, they told me that they couldn't come up with anything in their system, or so they said.

It'd be nice to see the Scorps again. I haven't seen them since '88 on the MOR tour. And, I've never seen Alice, either.