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Thread: kid rock

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    Hey man, I might not like Kid Rock, but I have to give him his props.

    The way he's looking out after his son, Joe-C, that's admirable man.

    Especially after that horrific incident when Eminem tried to smuggle Joe-C out of the country in his fucking Genie-pants.

    Shit... I cried for DAYS.

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    i know no one here likes kid rock,but heres an article out of rome news,our local paper, i thought it was cool:KID ROCK FIGHTS FOR CUSTODY OF HIS SON
    mount clemons,mi--don't believe what you hear about kid rocks wild living and drug use--its all media hype,the rap star said in court records on a custody fight for his son.the boys mother 29-year old kelley south russel,claims that kid rocks musical career is marked by rampant drug use and debauchery.kid rock,whos real name is robert ritchie,"admits he does consume some alchohol and in the past he has dabbled with ilicit drugs"but said he will take a drugtest anytime,court records show.court records show,kid rock has had custody since the 7-year old boy was an infant.the macomb county friend of the court,a liason in child support and custody cases,recommended that he keep custody,the macomb daily reported tues.



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