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    GUNS N' ROSES Frontman Reveals Details About Forthcoming CD - Aug. 27, 2002

    GUNS N' ROSES' forthcoming album, Chinese Democracy, will contain 18 songs and will be accompanied by a bonus CD that will include 10 extra tracks, frontman Axl Rose told the audience during the band's reportedly impressive performance at Docklands Arena in London last night.

    According to the singer, most of the new songs that have been previewed on the group's current world tour will not be included on the upcoming CD, which is now not expected to surface before early 2003. Rose also mentioned that the band have already completed work on the follow-up to Chinese Democracy and are hoping to issue it as soon as the album before it has run its course — and "by the time the record company release the second group of songs, and we do this all over again, who knows?! Maybe I will have finished the third album," Axl reportedly said.

    Here is GUNS N' ROSES' entire set list from the Docklands Arena show:

    01. Intro
    02. Welcome To The Jungle
    03. It's So Easy
    04. Mr. Brownstone
    05. Live & Let Die
    06. Think About You
    07. You Could Be Mine
    08. Robin Finck solo
    09. Sweet Child O' Mine
    10. Knocking On Heavens Door
    11. Out Ta Get Me
    12. Chinese Democracy
    13. Madagascar
    14. Rhiad & The Bedouins
    15. Buckethead - Nunchucks & Star Wars solo
    16. Axl Piano Solo
    17. November Rain
    18. The Blues
    19. Buckethead solo 2
    20. Rocket Queen
    21. Patience
    22. My Michelle
    23. Nighttrain
    24. Robin Finck solo 2
    25. Paradise City

    In other news, GUNS N' ROSES have issued the following statement via their official web site regarding the group's appearance at the Leeds festival in England on Friday, August 23rd:


    GUNS N' ROSES wish it to be known that Saturday night's appearance in front of the massive sell-out crowd was delayed through logistical problems beyond their control.

    The band were contracted to play a two-hour set and scheduled to take the stage at 10pm, at which point THE PRODIGY were still on stage. Despite concerted attempts from the festival organizers to make up time, the show continued to run late. The running delay was further compounded by the vast amount of equipment between the two bands. As a result the GUNS N' ROSES crew were not able to take control of the stage until 10.30 pm to begin their preparations for the band's set.

    In consequence, Axl and band did not take the stage until just past 11:00 PM — so the show overran the curfew set by local authorities, but nevertheless they continued to play to an ecstatic audience who witnessed several new songs which included "Madagascar" and "The Blues" in an electrifying set which included classics such as "Welcome To the Jungle", "Mr. Brownstone", "You Could Be Mine" and "Sweet Child of Mine".

    GUNS N' ROSES would like to thank the promoters, The Mean Fiddler, for making the correct decision in allowing the show to continue in the interests of public safety.

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    Hmmm.. So Axl isn't bitching about his voice going out as he smokes a cigarette and downs some Whiskey like in the past? Wow, I'm impressed.



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