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Tribute Review

One of my favorite albums comes back re-issued for 2002.

I recently picked this album up and listened to it, one change, but nothing huge,
The change is on I Don't Know first track, there is an intro, opera music like, but it sounds great, this was not
On the 95 Remaster.

I Don't Know - Great Singing, Great Guitar, great everything. Like I said
Different intro, but it doesn’t change the song quality. Ozzy talks to the audience
In this.

Crazy Train - Ah, yes, the train, great song, Rhoads does a great live version as
He does in all songs,

Believer - Sounds just like the studio version, I love this song live, the bass at the
Beginning is an excellent intro. Again, Ozzy has a good singing voice

Mr. Crowley - Truly a masterpiece, anytime, live or not, this one is always great
To hear, classical-like guitar, this song just flows together.

Flying High Again - Good song, played excellently.

Revelation (Mother Earth) - Oh this is such a good ballad. But when at the end listen for the solo, in the studio version it has Randy's guitar in the background when he playing but this one doesn't. One of my favorite songs on this album.

Steal Away (The Night) W/Drum Solo - a faster song, but its great, excellent solo like always
Drum Solo - good solo, it shows off the skills of the drummer Tommy Altridge.

Suicide Solution W/ Guitar Solo - I cannot begin to describe this song played live. Everything in this song is so brilliant and so well played out, it’s shocking.
Guitar Solo – Extremely intense to hear this. It’s indescribable.

Iron Man – Great Job of covering this

Children Of The Grave – This is probably my favorite cover song that Ozzy did with Randy.

Paranoid – sounds good [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]

Goodbye To Romance – Ozzy slows it down a bit, but hey, it’s a great ballad, an excellent live version right here. I love the guitar solo.

No Bone Movies – “Ok, we’re going to do a little more Rock N’ Roll now, it’s a number called No Bone Movies” Ozzy remarks at the start of the song. I like this song live very much.

Dee (Randy Rhoads Studio Outtakes) – This is a treat for me to hear this. The sound of his voice echoes as he is perfecting one of my all-time favorite instrumentals, you hear him, redoing, asking to do it again, telling the guy “There’s A Jet”, and continues this for 4 Minutes and 22 Seconds, this is truly a wonderful track.