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    Ozzy Osbourne And Family Visit. 3/21/02. 8:40am
    Ozzy Osbourne and his whole family came in to visit this morning. They were in to talk about their MTV show ''The Osbournes'' which has been getting great ratings. Howard says he came up with the idea for the show years ago after interviewing Ozzy and his kids. He said he suggested putting a camera on them 24 hours a day and that's what MTV has done. They follow the Osbournes around ''Real World'' style and put it on TV. Howard said he can barely stand to watch it because it was his idea but he said it's great.
    Howard went on to talk about his dinner out with Ozzy last weekend. He spoke about it on Monday and went over the same stuff again this morning... Here's what I wrote on Monday: Howard said that Ozzy has some kind of problem where he has to go to the bathroom constantly. Howard said he went about 11 times in 7 minutes. Howard explained that at the restaurant they were at they have white noise going in the bathroom. They do that so people don't hear what other people are doing in the bathroom. Howard said Ozzy came back from the bathroom one time and asked Sharon what ocean they were near. Howard said Ozzy thought that he was hearing the ocean while he was in the bathroom. He said he tried to look out the window in the bathroom to see where the ocean was. It was just the white noise though. Howard said Ozzy made him laugh quite a bit at dinner.

    Ozzy offered to pay the bill for dinner but when Sharon got up to go pay the waitress she told her that Howard wouldn't hear of it. For some reason she wouldn't let Sharon pay the bill even though Howard never told her to do that. Howard said it was his worst nightmare. Someone finally decided to pay the bill for him and the people at the restaurant decided to deny it. Howard said he thinks it was the owner, Richie, who wouldn't take it. He said he doesn't mind paying but it pissed him off anyway.

    Howard spoke to the kids and asked them if their lives have changed since the TV show took off. They don't think they've changed that much but more people have tried to become their friends.

    Howard said that the show is very revealing because they catch so much on video. He talked about seeing Ozzy doing his Leno appearance and how Sharon dresses him when they go out. Sharon said that Ozzy doesn't have very good dress sense. She said he once dressed himself when he came to pick her up at the hairdresser one day. He was wearing one of Sharon's nighties that he'd just pulled out of the closet. The hairdresser said he looked like Boy George that day.

    Ozzy said that he has to wear black because stuff would get spilled on anything lighter. He used a white suit as an example and his son Jack made a smart assed comment about a white suit being like a drug dealer suit. Ozzy then said ''Listen dickhead...'' and argued with him a little bit about being such a smart ass. Jack said that he was quitting being Ozzy's son but Ozzy told him that he can't do that.

    Ozzy's daughter Kelli told Howard about how she caught her parents having sex one time and it has scarred her for life. She said she walked in to say goodbye one morning and caught them. She said they told her they were just hugging though.

    Howard spent a little time talking to the Osbourne's about their money and how Ozzy doesn't handle the money. Sharon takes care of all of that and he gets upset when they spend a lot of money on useless stuff.

    The family also asked Howard about what a 5.0 rating means since they don't really understand that stuff. Howard told them that a 5.0 on cable TV is huge. He said when a show on cable gets close to a 1.0 it's a hit so a 5.0 is huge.

    While talking to Jack about what he's been up to the fact that he smokes pot came up. His parents have caught him doing it but they really haven't done all that much about it. He says that he's not addicted and he can quit at any time. Howard asked Ozzy and Sharon if they have a problem with that. They said they don't like him doing it. Ozzy then said he'd rather have his son smoking pot rather than cigarettes. He said that cigarettes were the most addictive thing he ever put in his body. Howard went on to say that if he ever caught his kids smoking pot he'd have a big problem. He said he'd cut them off financially if he were Ozzy.

    Ozzy said that he's not sure if they're going to do another season of ''The Osbournes'' (which airs Tuesday nights at 10:30pm on MTV) but it's possible. Howard thinks that they should as for a lot of money to do another season because the show is so big.

    You can find out about the Ozzfest 2002 tour and other stuff about Ozzy at They're making a big announcement about the Ozzfest tour at the WWF restaurant in New York City today.
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    I hope that Ozzy decides to do another season, that show is hilarious! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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