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    I hate this woman.
    COURTNEY LOVE: 75% Of KURT's Personal Documents Remain Private - Nov. 4, 2002

    The following item was originally published in today's edition of the New York Daily News:

    Smells like mean spirit.

    That's what Courtney Love thinks of critics of her decision to release the journals of her late husband, Kurt Cobain.

    In a wide-ranging exclusive interview, Love told us she'd protected Cobain's surviving friends and family by hanging on to the most sensitive material. As much as 75% of the NIRVANA founder's personal documents remain private.(Probably because it's all about what a cunt she is!)-FH

    And Love is also living up to her name for embattled pal Winona Ryder.

    "I don't think she shoplifted on purpose," said the former HOLE frontwoman. "She shops like a maniac and she's got [attention deficit disorder] almost as bad as me!"

    Love recounted other sprees when the two of them almost lost track of their purchases. And she revealed her biggest fear is that her friend could face prison time if convicted.

    "She shouldn't go to jail if she did it that's bull--," Love told us. "She should do community service - preferably spiritual community service."

    Love earned some good karma herself earlier this year, when she threw a lavish weeklong 10th birthday bash for her daughter by Cobain, Frances Bean.

    The rock princess and 10 friends flew by Learjet to Las Vegas, where each was allowed to stuff their own bag of swag from the aisles of FAO Schwarz.

    But that's not all. Two days after returning home, when Frances Bean thought the celebrating was over, she was awakened by Elvis and Marilyn Monroe impersonators — a nod to her favorite '50s-themed diner.

    As the finale, Love presented her daughter with a thoroughbred horse.

    Also at the festivities was Cobain's half-sister, 16-year-old Brieann O'Connor, who Love has taken in. Love says Brieann could be a star one day. "She's so beautiful, and she writes incredible poetry," Love exulted. "She is to Kelly Osbourne what Madonna was to Cyndi Lauper."

    Love is about move into her next phase. Passing up HBO's offer of her own reality show , she'll head into the studio with producer-boyfriend Jim Barber to record "Mono", her single for the Poptones label. Then, she must begin to prepare for what could be the role of her life. Love, who showed her acting chops in "The People vs. Larry Flynt" and "Trapped", will play Lady Macbeth in Luc Besson's version of the Shakespeare work in Ireland Jan. 14.

    Vincent Regan will direct.

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    [quote]Originally posted by FH:
    I hate this woman.
    Love is about move into her next phase. Passing up HBO's offer of her own reality show
    only way i'd watch her "reality show", is if it involved her getting hit by a greyhound bus



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