ARK, who feature in their ranks former YNGWIE MALMSTEEN/current MASTERPLAN vocalist Jorn Lande, ex-CONCEPTION guitarist Tore Østby, former MALMSTEEN drummer John Macaluso, and ex-MALMSTEEN bassist Randy Coven, have entered Area 51 Studios in Celle, Germany to begin recording their new album with producer Tommy Newton (HELLOWEEN, VICTORY).
"ARK reunited in Southern France six weeks ago, after having completed an intense writing session in New York this summer," states a message on the group's web site. "After a rough start of getting ousted from their rehearsal studio — which had an open door in the centre of town of to a sleeping village. They weren't too popular around siesta time…
"But this incident was a gift for ARK, with much inspiration to be let loose. They frantically searched and discovered the amazing Chateau D'Oubouis — the mystical farm castle welcomed them with a bright understanding of what to do. Chateau D'Oubouis can not be described in words, but its influence will definitely be heard in its music! Like a good foreign friend that invites you to stay…there is a time when he needs his couch back. Miraculously on the day the band felt it was time to leave Chateau D'Oubouis, the surroundings had the same feel, like a perfect meal, D'Oubouis was digested.
"They always say you need a vacation from a vacation. Too much inspiration is never enough to compile four weeks of ideas and tapes. To get a bigger view of their work, they had to go to a bigger place…so they traveled south. To look at the world from the cliffs of the mountains of the Pyrinees, on the top experienced wealth. After looking at the world and their music from above, they next traveled below the earth's crust, to an ever changing liquid rock mineral stalagtite stalmagtite faces and pegotatas H2O orange cold movie set dangerous clean pure new world, the caves of Montmarti.
"It's really…just the beginning!"