I was hoping to get some opinions from different people on this forum about an idea I've been toying with. Recently my band broke up. We were doing covers of all mainly new rock that's being played on the radio today (boring). Anyway, I've always wanted to start a Van Halen tribute band, but I'm not too sure if it would be worthwhile. I live in Cincinnati, OH, and the music scene here is pretty bad. I'm not sure people would want to even see a VH tribute here. So, I was wondering if there is anyone that has done this in another similar city to Cincinnati, and if so, is there anything I should be prepared for before giving this a go? Or should I not waste my time? I'm a bit worried about getting gigs. Most bars want to hear the latest Limp Bizkit song. Does anyone have any techniques to market themselves to these types of bars? And of course I'd like to know if there are any drummers/singers/bassists (I play guitar) out there in the Cincinnati area that would like to start a VH tribute? Thanks in advance.