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    I recently downloaded How Many Say I and all I have to say is "Wow!" - and it's not a good "Wow!" Did Edward listen to it after he recorded it? Anyway, I felt it was pretty self indulgent on his part. I have no problem if he wants to sing on an album - just needs to find something that fits him and the band as well. This song makes me think of some of the songs on Pink Floyd's The Wall, but not as good. And too long! As I said - if Ed wants to sing a song every now and again, it could be okay. I like a lot of Keith's songs with the Rolling Stones - although I wasn't too crazy about his first solo album, Joe Perry's cut a couple of good tracks with Aerosmith - change of pace, something different. But that is not what this thread is about. I'm looking for other examples of Rock & Roll Self Indulgence, instances when artists put stuff on their albums that really only they could love for the simple reason that they could. The whole Pink Floyd The Final Cut album comes to mind - Roger Waters took the popularity of The Wall to mean that we cared about how screwed up his England was, and we really didn't. Especially not when he relegated the other members of the band to seemingly minor roles. Any time that John Lennon let Yoko near a microphone works, too. Another Beatle - Paul McCartney, was fairly self indulgent - just listen to the bass on those old Wings albums - no problem hearing it, is there? And letting his wife sing could probably qualify, too. But the thing I'm reminded of today is on Back To The Egg, smack dab in the middle of everything their is a track called The Broadcast, where it's just some piano playing with a couple of spoken excerpts over it. Totally meaningless. At least he managed to keep this little opus to 1:30!

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    I think rock and roll is naturally self indulgent. An artist has to please themselves first and then hope that what pleases them translates out to an audience. And on top of that an artist has to be confident enough in their skill and their judgement to follow the creative spark, no matter where it carries them.

    I think you've made some great points, and maybe what they point to is the importance of having collaborators that you have trust in, but also who push you to be your best. It's impossible to know, using your example, where Paul McCartney's songwriting would have gone in the 70's had John Lennon been his partner still. Or John's music with the input of Paul, rather than Yoko.

    I like the music of How Many Say I, though the lyrics do nothing for me. But to me, Eddie had a vision, and he followed it, and that requires an artistic courage that I wouldn't criticize. An true artist (which I believe EVH to be) can't be kept inside of four walls; they're always looking to try something they haven't done before, knowing full well it's a risk. That risk is rare in music, and I applaud Eddie for taking it.

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