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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I don't know if he has been discussed in depth here or not. So I will take the liberty to start a topic on the master of 6 strings.

    This is a man who kicked around in the early and mid 60s with the likes of John Mayall's Blues Breakers (which is fantastic btw) and the Yardbirds.

    In 1966 with Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce, he formed the band CREAM. This is where "Hard Rock" and or "Heavy Metal" was born. Eric Clapton's playing on their only 2 full length studio albums is nothing short of phenomenal. If you do not own "Fresh Cream" or "Disreali Gears" I highly suggest you go pick them up.

    The band was perfect together. There was tension from the beginning, as Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce did not like each other. The tension flowed into creativity. (Sound Familiar???)

    Cream's brief tenure influenced many musicians that would follow.

    Ginger Baker was the first drummer to have an extended drum solo on an album (Toad). He cleary infuenced Keith Moon and John Bonham.

    Jack Bruce was the first to steal a page from the Beatles harmonies by adding them to Cream's "heavy music". Many, many other bands followed suit.

    Eric Clapton became a GOD. Jimmy Page used to listen to "Fresh Cream" for hours upon hours and became quite jealous of his friend and peer's success and growth as a musician. Led Zeppelin was an answer to Clapton's Cream. EVH was heavily influenced by Clapton and pays him homage in many concerts by playing a portion of "I'm So Glad" during "Everybody Wants Some" during concert performances in 1982-1984.

    After Cream broke up, Eric formed Blind Faith with Ginger Baker and Steve Winwood. This is fantastic music as well. It was formed as a super group and did not last 1 year. Clapton and Winwood's egoes destroyed the band.

    After knocking around with the Bramlet's for a bit. Eric formed a group by the name of Derek and the Dominos.

    While rehearsing the band also performed on George Harrison's debut album. Eric Clapton had an affair with Harrison's wife and fell in love with her. The Derek and Th Dominos album "Layla and other assorted love songs" is mainly dedicated to her. This album is full of passion that you can hear. Dave Mason worked with the group for a short while but then departed. Carl Radle was also a big influence on this album.

    Another writer on the album was Duane Allman. Duane was arguably one of the best guitar players ever. The beginning of "Layla" is Duane Allman!

    Clapton put this album out not expecting much fanfare, but he did receive fanfare. Derek and the Dominos only lasted one year, but what a year it was. The bootlegs from their concerts are mind blowing.

    * For those of you who like Sammy's cheeseball lyrics about love that are designes to be top 40 hits, go buy "Layla and other assorted love songs" by Derek and The Dominos. (That is if you don't already own it). This album is full of love songs and they are genuine. Compare the song "Bell Bottom Blues" to "When it's love" by Van Hagar. Tell me if you hear a difference. The same applies to any so called "love ballad" from Journey, Van Hagar, et al.*

    Calpton started to mellow in 1970 with his debut solo album "Eric Clapton" such staples as "After Midnight" and "Let it Rain" are on the album. This album is definitley worth picking up. I suggest getting the Delaney mix, which is a bootleg because the guitar is more prevalent in that mix.

    So what happened to Eric Clapton???? Who knows??? Maybe it was age. Maybe it was kicking heroin? But those years from 1966-1970 are very significant if only for the influences on other artists and the brilliant music. I only wish that I was alive and old enough to experience it live. Well, there are always bootlegs.

    If you do not own any of Eric Clapton's music from 66-70. Go buy an album or two; you will not be dissaponinted.

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    06.16.05 @ 07:22 AM
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    Yep I agree with you all the way there. And I don't think his music after that was horrible either. He is definitly a fantastic guitar player and song writer. however I don't seriouly think heroin had anything to do with him being a talented musician.

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    02.26.08 @ 07:19 PM
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    <b>Obey the DFK!!</b><br /><br />"Teacher needs to see me after school"



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