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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Nikki Sixx's New Clothing Line

    Former Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has revealed plans to unveil a new line of rock 'n' roll clothing titled N.Sixx, and it will hit shopping malls and outlet stores in April. The first wave in his partnership with Dragonfly consists of shirts, panties, and baby tees which are inspired by Sixx's tattoos.

    Sixx has been concentrating on his new band, Brides Of Destruction, and writing a new book, The Heroin Diaries, which will be portrayed in a VH1 special.
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    12.14.12 @ 07:13 PM
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    Ok...this might be a stupid question, but I don't really follow the Crue that much. Did they break up? or on just hiatus?
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    02.05.15 @ 11:19 AM
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    To coin a phrase from Spinal Tap, they are currently treading water in a sea of mediocrity and retarded sexuality.

    I think they have just queitly faded into the sunset. Nikki is playing with a different band (not sure of the name), Vince is touring as a solo artist this summer (but, taking the DLR route and playing more Crue songs than his own solo stuff), Mick is currently residing in the "where is he now file" and they don't have a full time drummer.

    Wow. I just thought of something - this band may be in worse shape than Van Halen! On second thought......
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