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Crue's Neil Wanted, Lee Engaged

It's a busy week in Mötley Crüedom, what with frontman Vince Neil on the run from the law and former drummer Tommy Lee ready to plight his troth again.
First, let's deal with Neil's troubles. The singer is wanted by Los Angeles police for his alleged role in an assault.

Authorities have issued a warrant for the rocker's arrest, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles D.A. confirmed Thursday, three and a half months after Neil purportedly attacked producer Michael Schuman outside a nightclub.

Schuman was milling about outside the club when, according to the police report, an angry Neil got out of a car and began repeatedly punching the producer in the face. The blows purportedly forced Schuman to the ground, then the musician allegedly goaded Schuman in front of several eyewitnesses.

The D.A. says those same witnesses later told police that Neil's malicious attack seemed arbitrary, as Schuman had no personal or business ties to the self-styled Mötley bad boy.

Neil's camp says the matter was a misunderstanding and that the misdemeanor assault count will eventually be dropped.

"Vince has completely cooperated with L.A. investigators," says Burt Stein of B Entertainmnet, the company that manages Neil. "We feel that the charges are ridiculous and that Vince will be fully exonerated."

Meanwhile, in happier Mötley news, Lee seems ready to put Pamela Anderson permanently in the past tense. The former Crüe drummer and current Methods of Mayhem frontman popped the question to singer-dancer Mayte Garcia.

Lee's publicist, Beth Katz, tells E! News Live that Lee proposed to Garcia--the ex-wife of Prince--on Wednesday, in between Mayhem shows in Louisville, Kentucky and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Garcia accepted, says Katz, but there's no word yet on when the two plan to tie the knot.

When they do, it will be Lee's third stab at matrimonial bliss--aside from Anderson, he was married Heather Locklear from 1986-1993.

Lee told Launch.com that he's never been happier.

"I'm actually engaged," he said. "But I'm going to take my time, dude. I've been seeing Mayte for like a year, over a year. And I'm not rushing anything. She's super, super sweet, super mellow, no drama, Puerto Rican girl who's just absolutely, f---in' lovely. Slow dude, slow."

The couple have been dating a little more than a year, and Lee is producing Garcia's new album, which is due later this year.

Their year-long courtship is eons compared to the four days Lee and Anderson spent together before getting married in 1995.

As Lee tells Launch.com, "Getting married in four days was the biggest f---in' mistake I've ever made," Lee said. "I have two beautiful kids, but [getting married] was retarded...How can you know somebody in four days? [I'm a] bonehead."

After a stormy union, the tattoo-friendly percussionist and Anderson split for good almost three years ago. They've been involved in an acrimonious court fight over their two kids ever since, with Anderson accusing Lee of giving her hepatitis C--a charge he has denied. (Anderson announced her engagement to Kid Rock in April, but she recently made statements on CNN's Larry King Live indicating their relationship had cooled.)

Garcia, meanwhile, married Prince in 1996. They dissolved their union in 1998 in what he called a symbolic gesture. ("Mayte and I are joined for life," he said at the time, "and the best way to demonstrate it is to do away with the legal bonds that people demand.")

Following a re-commitment ceremony in 1999, it is believed they split for good in 2000 (about the same time Prince went back to using his name)--although reps for the fiercely private singer wouldn't confirm it.

Finally, keeping all our Crüe bases covered, bassist Nikki Sixx and his Baywatch babe wife Donna D'Errico announced last month that they are developing a TV sitcom loosely based on their life called The Blonde and the Rock Star.

The premise: A divorced rocker falls for a buxom single mom--who just happens to be the judge presiding over his court case.

As for the band itself, the Crüe has been keeping a relatively low profile (musically, that is) since the March death of Randy Castillo, Lee's replacement on drums.