Just picked this DVD up the other day....great disc, great show. With talk about whether or not a reunited Van Halen w/Dave would be nothing more than a "nostalgia" show, if they could put on a show like Angus and the boys, who cares if they reach into the past?

80% of the songs are PRE-1982, and you know what, it just smokes. I don't care how much older Angus looks, these guys simply know how to put on a performance.

Highlight is when Angus makes his way on a long walkway from the stage to a platform in the middle of the stadium. The platform rises up to a tower where he walks around, plays to the crowd, and keeps playing, does his spinning on the ground thing, gets back on the platform, and returns to the stage.

My only complaint is the "Let There Be Rock" movie isn't out on DVD and these fuckers have NEVER played here in Hawaii, even after all these years!