Incubus Countersued By Sony

(2/13/03, 3 p.m. ET) -- Incubus has been countersued by Sony Music just a week after the band filed suit against the label in an attempt to get out of its recording contract.

On February 6, Incubus filed suit in California against Sony Music and the Immortal label in an attempt to become musical free agents. The band cited the "Olivia de Havilland clause," or section 2855 of the California Labor Code, as its basis for leaving the label. The clause states that artists can not be bound to a contract to produce phonorecords for more than seven years.

Sony's countersuit, filed in Manhattan, seeks judgment baring the band from getting out of its contract. Sony claims Incubus still owes the label four albums under a 1996 contract signed by the group. According to the Los Angeles Times, Sony also claims that "it will suffer tens of millions of dollars in damages if the albums aren't delivered."

-- Chiam Chad Dougatz, New York