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    01.30.07 @ 07:17 PM
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    Paul McCartney is planning to recreate The Beatles’ final gig — on the rooftop of their old London HQ.

    Sir Paul will hit the roof of what was Apple Records at 3 Savile Row in London on an afternoon in early April.

    He will play a 45-minute set that echoes the legendary gig the Fab Four played in 1969.

    The stunt, to mark the start of Macca’s huge UK and European tour, will draw huge crowds to the street in the heart of the city.

    Macca will play a set-list of Beatles songs — all his own compositions — with his backing band. An insider on the tour told me: “This is very ambitious but Paul is determined for it to go ahead.

    “The building is no longer owned by Apple but arrangements have been made and it looks all set to go ahead. It will be quite an emotional moment for Paul.

    “There were only a few hundred lucky people who got to see it that day, hopefully a lot more will enjoy it this time around.

    "It will be one of those key moments in music history.”

    Paul will be hoping that what happened at 1969 rooftop show doesn’t happen in April. Back then, he, John, George and Ringo were told to stop playing by police.

    Paul’s UK tour proper starts in Sheffield on April 5. All tickets were sold in just nine minutes when they went on sale last Friday.

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    05.27.18 @ 12:29 AM
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    Originally posted by Crmlcrm216:

    The stunt
    A little zen....... Headed your way.......

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    02.13.15 @ 07:56 AM
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    It would be nice for him to mix a couple of Lennon/McCartney tracks in with the usual McCartney/Lennon choices!



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