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    I've been searching for a few CDs by some of the bands I saw in my younger years. The Fools were an hysterically funny band I remember form the first time I heard "Psycho Chicken" on WBCN (see decription below). Saw them in Boston at some place that escapes my memory. Crazy wild live shows, Thats for sure. In typing their name in on a search, I came across this site thats a history of Boston rock bands. Very cool, Check it out. Anyway, A interesting fact popped up reguarding the Fools. Seems that they opened for Van Halen in the early eightys (see picture). Never knew that. All I have is one cassette tape (World dance party) and the sleeve from another(The Fools rated XXX). So if anybody knows where I can get anything of theirs, Let me know. Their label was PVC that was distributed by Jem records. They went out of business in 87, And were absorbed into another company. All the back catalog was sold off as cutouts. "Life sucks, then you die", And "Texas chainsaw squaredance massacre" will have you rolling on the floor.

    The Fools

    Mike Girard, lead vocals, gyrating and insane frontman
    Richie Bartlett, guitar, vocals
    Stacey Pedrick, guitar
    Chris Pedrick, drums
    Doug Forman, bass, vocals
    Leo Black, drums
    Joe Holaday, bass, vocals

    The Fools, a "slightly bent" rock and roll band were formed in 1975, the pride of Ipswitch. A show from these guys was "90 minutes of madcap adventure." Mike Girard took pride in breaking everyone up, including the band, on any given night. Many performances turned into miniature events, theme nights, and just plain insanity. The boys established their style in local clubs and on major tours. The trips included a major Knack tour, 45 Van Halen arena shows, and half a dozen trips throughout Europe. The band has generated sales of over 500,000 units worldwide, and a wild and loyal following. The kids were a part of Peter Casperson's Castle Music stable of artists.

    The boys scored airplay aplenty with a tape of "Psycho Chicken," an x-rated parody of the Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer" in 1979. In a dream come true scenario, a local DJ requested a tape of the song, played it once during a lunch time show and watched (in horror or amazement) as the phones lit up like Christmas trees. Other stations were forced to move on the tune, and that success led to local, national and even positive European press and airplay. A non-parody song, "A Night for Beautiful Girls" followed and the record execs were jetting in for the June 30 Blondie show at the Orpheum Theatre to catch the Fools opening set. EMI offered to sign the band and sent the group out immediately to tour with The Knack, an unprecedented set of circumstances seeing as the band had never released a record. In due course, and after rave reviews the boys returned home to record and veteran scenesters have fond memories of wall to wall promotional parties at Castle Hill, in Ipswitch. (On April Fool's Day of course.) The madcap funsters even hired the New England Patriot's cheerleaders to lead the audience in spelling out F-O-O-L-S. And we won't talk about the irreverent ode from "Don Law" (as imitated by Mike Girard), then as now, New England's premiere rock impresario. But I'm sure you could picture a bedraggled Mike, literally climbing over a wall in an intoxicated state. From this vantage point, he sang a Satchmo-flavored "Mack the Knife."

    A comedic approach to the pain and angst-filled anthem "Life S*cks (Then You Die)" became the most requested song EVER on every "local" station within the band's traveling area. WBCN, WFNX, WAAF, WHJY, and WBRU in Providence were right on, seeing through the "Mel Evans and the In-Laws" alias. PVC ran out of its initial 6,000 pressing and rush ordered product to fill the surprise demand.

    The act was chosen by 'BCN to appear at the "Homeless" Benefit at the Expo Center (11/86). Mike's brother John appeared in the "Smuggler's Blues" episode of the TV show Miami Vice. By 1989 Foreman was in a North Shore cover act, "Little Sister," while Stacey Pedrick was playing hometown gigs with "Drive In." Holaday plays out with Brad Delp (frontman for the band Boston), drummer Muzz (Aces and Eights, The Reflectors, Farrenheit, et al) in the Beatles' tribute act, Beatlejuice. Bartlett played out in the late nineties with Ben Orr (The Cars)

    She Looks Alright In The Dark (WCOZ: Best of Boston Beat, Infinity, 1979) Compilation cut

    First Annual Official Unofficial April Fools Day Live Bootleg (LP, EMI America , 1980) LIVE

    Spent The Rent/Night Out/It's a Night (For Beautiful Girls)/Don't Tell Me/I Won't Grow Up/Psycho Chicken Recorded live April Fools Day, 1980, at My Fathers Place, Roslyn, NY, by WLIR-FM

    Sold Out (LP, EMI America SW-17024, 1980) It's a Night (For Beautiful Girls)/Spent The Rent/I Won't Grow Up

    Heavy Mental (LP, EMI America SW-17046, 1981) Local Talent/Lost Number/Alibi/Last Cadillac On Earth (lead vocals by Forman)

    Life S*cks…/(Bleeped Version) (33 1/3, PVC/Passport 3902, 1984) This version was recorded Live at The Channel Nightclub, Boston, MA Marketed by Jem, So. Plainfield, NJ 07080

    World Dance Party (LP, PVC 8930, 1985) Release party at Museum of Science. Title cut was video.

    Life S*cks (Then You Die)/Doo Wah Diddy (V-MTV)/She Makes Me Feel Big Commercially available full-length Beta and VHS videos made of LP. Produced by Roger Probert and The Fools at Blue Jay, Carlisle, MA.

    Girard, Black, Holaday, Bartlett/Gregg Lunsford on keys/Hope Moon (additional vocals on "Sex") The 12" Fools (LP, PVC Passport 4908, 1985) Taken from World Dance Party World Dance Party/Doo Wah Didy/Psycho Chicken When The Lights Go Out (LP, 1988) Wake Up…It's Alive (LP, PVC, 1988) LIVE '50s, '60s, R&B, funk, rock and C&W Girard, Bartlett, Holaday, Black. Court jesters of Boston rock recorded at The Channel in 1987 Recording Engineer was Rick "Skillet" Kilbashian. Out of My Head/Hooking You (45, Johnny Apollo 1012, 1983) France and Germany airplay Psycho Chicken (45, EMI America SPRO-9331, 1980) Promo yellow vinyl A/B sides "Clucked" and "Beeped" Local Talent/Lost Number (45, EMI America 8081, 1991) from Heavy Mental Show 'Em Your Nuts (CD, Ouch!!!, 1992) Plumbing On My Mind/Hen House/I Feel Good Tonight/Rookie at the Plate Bawdy lyrical innuendoes intro the CD that tapers off into barroom rock. There's a "Life Sucks…" feel about "Plumbing…" while the Tom Hambridge composition, "(Trouble in the) Hen House" is rather playful.
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    The Fools was officially the very first live act I saw - just before Van Halen! Unfortunately I didn't pay too much attention to their show as I was wanting Van Halen to be out there. I do remember them playing "It's A Night For Beautiful Girls", though.
    I've downloaded "Psycho Chicken" but have only been able to find the censored version.



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