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    I was watching this Red Hot Chilli Peppers video the other day--there's a scene where the band is sittin' around a table talkin' about Sammy Hagar references on the album. They start singin' somethin' like:
    Got a Metallica t-shirt
    little tiny baby mustache
    got a jacked up camaro
    sittin' in the parkin' lot at Anaheim stadium

    And then I thought I heard somethin' about 55. Any ideas or clues?
    I noticed one of their roadies had a Cabo Wabo t-shirt,too.

    I really dig their version of Robert Johnson's,"They're Red Hot!"

    I remember Anthony Kiedis being in the front row at the '96 MTV awards.

    Eat Us And Smile!!!!!!

    "On Fire"--Roth/Halen/Halen/Anthony

    "...there'a a yellow-haired babe,she's a funky fox. Well,she's got more angles than a cookie box..."--Humble Pie

    Ladies and Gentleman, Loons has left the building.

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    Seems as if it's a song by Thelonious Monster called "Sammy Hagar Weekend" (from the Stormy Weather album):

    "Well, it's a Sammy Hagar weekend
    It's a Sammy Hagar state of mind
    It's a Sammy Hagar weekend
    It's a Sammy Hagar way of life

    We're gonna drink some beer
    We're gonna smoke some pot
    We're gonna snort some coke
    and then drive over 55

    Cuz it's a Sammy Hagar weekend
    Oh, let the big man through

    We got our Metallica t-shirts
    We got our little tiny baby moustache
    Got a jacked up Camaro
    Sittin' in the parking lot
    of Anaheim stadium

    drinkin' beer
    smokin' pot
    snortin' coke
    drivin' over 55
    cuz it's a Sammy Hagar Weekend
    It's a big mans groove

    just out cruisin' n boozin'
    on a Sammy Hagar weekend."



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