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    MÖTLEY CRÜE Ink Deal To Turn Autobiography Into Film - Aug. 14, 2002

    MÖTLEY CRÜE have just signed a deal to turn their autobiography, The Dirt, into a film, bassist/mainman Nikki Sixx told Billboard magazine. "You don't want it to be too watered-down," Sixx said, "but at the same time, I think it's kind of a survival story of four guys that came from these four completely different places, went through the fire together and coming up the other side and still surviving."

    "We're all still alive, you know, somewhat," he added with a laugh.

    According to Sixx, the book's appeal lies in the fact that the stories don't always mesh. "We didn't want to do one of these books that was like, a tell-all book that was just combed through so perfectly so that everybody was comfortable with each other's statements," he said. "Guys in the band say stuff about each other and that's what happens in real bands, so why not put it in print?"

    As previously reported, an arrest warrant was recently issued for MÖTLEY CRÜE lead singer Vince Neil for allegedly punching a record producer outside a West Hollywood nightclub last April. Sixx said he was not surprised to hear the news.

    "Is that the first one to ever happen for MÖTLEY CRÜE?" he asks. "To be honest with you, I don't really know. I blew a phone call to him because I've been out of town for three weeks and just really found out about it and was gonna find out what's up."

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    If it sucks as bad as that Def Leppard movie on VH1, I'll pass. [img]graemlins/wtf.gif[/img]
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