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    No Bozo's
    Yup, that's a pearl jam song ...

    Breakerfall has to be right on delight's back on this one. This is the tune PJ opened up with on 5/8/00 in seattle.

    In Breakerfall, there are two guitars, and the one guitar part that Mike Mccready plays is mostly E chords and the solo.

    Now the funny thing is, but is truly cool, is that through that whole song mike was doing "flying eddies" or ed's scissor kicks.

    The similarities between the two songs are comprising.

    The only thing that hinges me towars romeo delight is the fact that RD has, what I consider, the best "change" in a VH song.

    You know, the part were it slows down and ed does his "mice" trick on the bridge of the guitar. Then it comes back to "OH, Baybey please ... I can't take it anymore" ...

    NB takes a *rip* from the bong ... and a
    *drag* from a wet cigarrette.

    "Broken Down 'n' Dirty Dressed in Rags" -DOA

    "Chronic Bud Smoker of VHforums" -DIF

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    only love will breakerfall.

    "Me and Jeff are going to go to the front gate and when you guys exit we're going to beat the fucking shit out of every barefoot person" Eddie Vedder (after fans were throwing their shoes on stage, hitting the band)

    "Their aren't that many true music fans out there and the ones that are, are usually musicians"

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    No Bozo's

    *drag* from a wet cigarette ...

    "Broken Down 'n' Dirty Dressed in Rags" -DOA

    "Chronic Bud Smoker of VHforums" -DIF

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    01.11.08 @ 08:17 PM
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    They have to be VH fans. I have them doing Runnin' With The Devil from some concert.

    Kenyon Vincent-the linker formerly known as Red-Balled Mammoth.
    "God bless ya southern California, you people are bad-asssss"-DLR at the '83 Us Festival.
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