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    Romeo Delight
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    Probably Fair Warning or Balance
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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Hello, I am Eddie Van Anglin(well my user name is of course) and I just wanted to begin my first post on a so-far seemingly great site(besides some problems, but I'll get to that later) by saying that I do indeed Love the great music of the great band VAN HALEN. A love for such a great band's music is unusual among my age group I have noticed. I am but 14 and some of the most horrible bands are considered rock and roll nowadays, I am often made fun of for a VH3 t-shirt(hey, it was $10, and i got the Cd for less, haha) I often wear to school, but I am sure you've seen this so I wont get into it. I sometimes live in regret that I wasn't born at an earlier time so I could catch their "glory days," but the music is indeed forever.
    Now for my problems(Other than my lack of ability to have gone to Dallas to see Sam-n-Dave. Wish I lived in Kansas, I'd already be driving). I can't seem to find a way to instant message people, does this forum even include instant message? I assumed that it did, because it is so much better than any of the message boards Ive had free membership to. Also, signing in seems to be confusing. I'll do it, and then, on the page it takes me to, it still says that I have not logged in. I had to log in while posing just now. What is this?
    I'll close by thanking you in advance for the tolerance of my lack of VH knowledge(Im just assuming, compared to you guys...) because I haven't been a bona-fide fan for near as long as I am sure a lot of you have.
    Live well,<br />Work hard,<br />and ROCK ON!<br />~EvA~

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    Van Halen/Balance/5150
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    Unchained/5150/Don\'t Tell Me
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    04.29.16 @ 06:05 AM
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    First and foremost, welcome to the best Van Halen website on the net. Here you'll find the latest and greatest about your favorite little band from Pasadena, CA.

    I see you've got some technical questions regarding the website. Brett, the guy that pays for this whole thing and designed this place we call home, has split VHlinks into different forums.

    There's the main...rumor get my point.....right now you're in the Van Halen Fans meeting place where we talk about music that's not created by EVH.

    There's a great forum called Feedback/Questions that is geared for questions like your.

    I would answer your question myself.....but me and technology don't get along so I am going to send your question to the Feedback/Questions forum. Check out that forum to see your question and I am sure the many responses you'll get.

    Once again, thanks again for logging onto vhlinks!!!!!
    Actually I think most of us are Dave, Sam, and Mike fans. There's just a small group of people who have strange allegiances and like to get into petty pissing contests that I can't believe everyone on this site isn't bored of. - Brett



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