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Thread: Autograph

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    03.25.19 @ 12:50 AM
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    Michael Anthony contributed background vocals to the song Blondes In Black Cars from the album That's The Stuff . As Van Halen is still on a hiatus I've been checking out some of their side projects and was wondering what this track is like. Can you hear Mike's vocals clearly?
    I'm thinking about buying a copy of the album just to hear this song... [img]smile.gif[/img]
    “And what we have at our fingertips is arguably one of the greatest high tenor voices ever – that was in Michael Anthony. In our tiny little corner of the universe, that voice is as identifiable as the high voice in Earth, Wind & Fire, as identifiable as the high voice in the Beach Boys. Van Halen is an indelicate house blend of both – that’s intentionally. So I would always look forward to that reunion.” - David Lee Roth

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    01.15.07 @ 04:34 AM
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    If your going to waste your money, please send it to me instead of buying any Autograph album. I bought that album because they were opening for VH, I had tickets to the show and wanted to know more about the opening band. I figured,'hey their opening for Van Halen, they've got to be good.' Yes and no. One guy in the band is very talented. Steve Lynch is a kickass guitar player.
    However the rest of the band are the biggest bunch of no talent wannabees that you've ever heard. MA's vocal contribution is barely heard and does not enhance the song in anyway. If you like bad hairband music, get this release. Otherwise forget it ever existed.

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    02.05.15 @ 11:19 AM
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    Turn DOWN the radio!
    "There is a fine line between stupid and clever" - Nigel Tufnel



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