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    Approximately 9:00 a.m. on the morning of March 19th, Andrew Aycock took Rachel Youngblood and Randy Rhoads up for a few minutes. During this trip the plane began to fly low to the ground, at times below tree level, and "buzzed" the bands tour bus three times. On the fourth pass (banking to the left in a south-west direction) the planes left wing struck the left side of the bands tour bus (parked facing east) puncturing it in two places approximately half way down on the right side of the bus. The plane, with the exception of the left wing, was thrown over the bus, hit a nearby pine tree, severing it approximately 10 feet up from the bottom, before it crashed into the garage on the west side of the home owned by Jerry Calhoun. The plane was an estimated 10 feet off the ground traveling at approximately 120 - 150 knots during impact. The house was almost immediately engulfed in flames and destroyed by the crash and ensuing fire, as was the garage and the two vehicles inside, an Oldsmobile and a Ford Granada. Jesse Herndon, who was inside the house during the impact, escaped with no injuries. The largest piece of the plane that was left was a wing section about 6 to 7 feet long. The very wing that caught the side of the tour bus, was deposited just to the north of the bus. The severed pine tree stood between the bus and the house.

    I got that from this site if you want to read his entire Biography. Randy Rhodes Tribute Is a really good web site. Hardly a day goes by when I dont' sing and Ozzy and Randy Tune in my head. As a musican I can think of no other influence that has impacted me more than Randy, Hearing Eddie made me want to play, hearing Randy made me want to write and reach that next level. He never did drugs and rarely drank even when he was with Ozzy, which I imagine was not easy. And he Loved music above all else, he was gonna turn away from the Rock life style to get a degree, that says alot about him. I hope one day I can be half the musican and person Randy Rhodes was, he will be missed.

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    So nice that you posted it twice. Don't worry, shit happens. Closing this one up. Out.

    You're a dick for putting ian on "ignore" DIF

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