Do yourself a favor and RUN out and buy this disc!!!! I am not fucking around...Without a doubt, the most refreshing thing I have heard in A.....LONG.....TIME.

Think Jamiraqui with more of a rock edge. There is not one single weak track to be found, this disc fucking grooves from the first track to the last...period. I'm talkin bout that REAL good, dirty, funk sex type groove too boy's and girls...No this disc for that "special" boy/girl and you are gettin your fat ass laid my friend.

EVERY track is as catchy as Michael Jackson at his best, yet you don't get that dirty feeling for liking it at all.

Jamiraqui, Lenny Kravitz, Black Crowes, Michael Jackson, BRAD(Stone Gossard's side gig)Stevie can just hear TONS of good stuff in these guy's.

So, dim the lights and light some candles. Have a few drinks with your special little friend...and play this disc VERY LOUD.....Trust me.

A review...d9-out

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