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    04.12.16 @ 03:42 PM
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    Sorry if this was already common knowledge, but I just read this interview on the Atomic Punks website.

    Here's the relevant info (it's nothing that we don't pretty much already know!):

    N: Now is Bart [Walsh] still with you or not?

    R: No, Bart is our first guitar player and he's now playing with... well he went out to play with Davild Lee Roth...

    N: Right.

    R: And as you know, Dave went back to Van Halen.

    N: right.

    R: So...

    N: Ah-Hah! You're the first one to actually step up and say that for real! (laughs) I mean, we know what the rumors were and nothings been confirmed, but being that you're soe what of an insider, you're the first one who's actually made a strong statement like that.

    R: Yeah...well... you know...sure, that's what the word is around the street, that they're back together.

    N: Yeah, we all knew that but nobody would say anything concrete except 'Well, it's what I hear' you know, that actually step right up and said so, so...

    R: Well, you know, it's 'cause I know all the guys that work with Dave.

    N: Sure, sure you do.

    R: So, you know, that's... as a matter of fact, the drummer in "Metal Shop" is... his name is Ray Luzier. He actually played with Dave on his last tour.

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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