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    Baluchitherium Vinnie Velvet's Avatar
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    11.30.16 @ 01:56 PM
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    Okay 'head hunter', its time to face the music dude.

    VV here (THE self-proclaimed 'icon' of VHlinks) is issuing an open challenge to you. Come out and answer a few questions.

    It seems our finding out of the CD printing has got you upset. Well, are you upset over the fact that we may first hear the new VH other than ''?

    Well, how about the supposed song titles? You said that the CD prints are FAKE. Well, that doesn't coincide with what you said with that 'hearing' about reunion first on It doesn't mesh very well in other words.

    Come on dude, don't be afraid. We're all VH fans here. Seems like you ran off or something.

    Do please come back so we can have a nice VH discussion.

    By the way head-hunter, would it bother you if we said that we actually have the songs from the new CD???

    VV ain't saying anything.

    Eat Us And Smile!!!!

    "The main event, the icon, the show-stoppa!!"

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    07.10.17 @ 08:12 PM
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    Does Brad have a secret "Batman"(headhunter) identity??
    Like I said in a previous post when talking about and, Shit or get off of the pot.
    If you are only shooting down info because YOU don't believe it then keep it to yourself. Bonn was only telling us what he found out. If it is true, great, if not, then it is no different from any other rumor that has been here. So unless you can defend your stance with factual info., shut the hell up and leave Bonn alone. It's cool if you have a gut feeling about something, but don't discredit someone without giving the facts why.

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    They're calling you out --HeadHunter--!

    It's time to step to the plate!!

    I see a skull in a tophat . . . ahhhhoooowwww!!!

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    PM Goo with your concerns OLO's Avatar
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    05.26.18 @ 01:56 PM
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    I would also like to know who you are, or what your affiliation with VH or Dave is. Doesnt seam right you come in here and discredit a VHLINKS member, then not give us any idea as to your credibility/knowledge of the situation at hand.

    Sending to fans meeting place (non music)

    ((Just My Two Cents))
    and thats about what its worth



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