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05.02.00, 07:41 AM
I get so sick of every mofo that wants to bash Dave and his 'vacation' at Las Vegas in 1995. Have these peeps even heard a tape of one of the shows? Were they there?
"I just got fired from the three biggest hotels in Vegas,what's the biggest place that you've been fired by,Office Max?"--DLR to reporter at post-MTV awards '96

Jesus,Dave had Edgar Winter and Nile Rodgers in his band. And the songs he was doin' were cool. "Nothin' but the blues," by Mose Allison(a duet with this smoky voiced chick),"Love TKO" by Terry P.(who'd expected this tune?),"Free Ride," some classic VH and DLR solo cuts,"Hard to Handle,"(a dedication to Pete Angulus?),and "Living in America," by James Brown. Awesome to hear Dave givin' these tunes a whirl! His shtick was outta control--classic Dave-isms all over. And plenty of Van Halen references. Great shows,people!

Eat Us And Smile!!!!!!

"The blues ain't nuthin' but the lowdown shakin' chill. If you ain't never had 'em,I hope you never will..."--Son House

"Oh Jesus,this band has been at each others throats since before the beginning. Once upon a time,no even before that. And out of this conflict comes marvelous,competitive,flame throwing,hallelujah,dump truck size,Bubba's hot barbecue,Watusi couple number two to the dance floor please."--David Lee Roth

"Songs should tell the truth..."--Mississippi Fred McDowell

"Desperation rules the impossible..."--David Lee Roth

05.02.00, 07:45 AM
You got my vote Loons. Man, I'd love to get a CD of one of these shows. I'd have killed to see one of those gigs in person because from what I've read, this was high energy entertainment at its finest.

Blind Willie Loons
01.09.02, 05:45 PM
Sizzlin' to the top-a!!!!!! graemlins/devil.gif