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Blind Willie Loons
06.05.00, 06:52 AM
I'm gonna step out of the church of DLR for a moment...

I recorded this show fo some tradin' and I discovered somethin' I think is pretty cool. At the end of BOBW,right before the finale riffin',Eddie starts playin' a tidbit of the "Addicted to Love" riff. Sam doesn't sing ala the 5150 Leftovers boot,but it was cool to hear Eddie sneakin' in a lil' of another tune at the end of anaduh,you know? Kinda like but not exactly like when Eddie would throw in some You Really Got Me riffs in the end of Rockin' in the free world in '93.

06.05.00, 10:53 AM
that is an incredible show!! amazing chemistry between sam and ed. loved panama the best!

best va hagar sings van roth ever!

Blind Willie Loons
06.05.00, 06:54 PM
One way to rock---the duel guitar outtro endin'====is that the intro or outtro to White Room by Cream or am I at a complete loss? Shot off dog? Know whaz I beez zayin'?

You Really Got Me=not bad,not as cool as the Dave version.

Black n Blue=pretty coo

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