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03.15.00, 07:22 PM
hi everybody, i keep seeing the song angel eyes, by vanhalen club days or the demo sent to warner brothers inmagazines in 1976 or whatever year does anyone now how to get it,,,, id love to have the old never released singles, and what about video of club days or early 80s tours etc

david rowlett

Fur Elise
03.16.00, 12:09 AM
"Angel Eyes", the only ballad done with Dave, was meant for inclusion on "Van Halen II", but left off because the band felt it was too different from what they were doing at the time. The track only has Dave singing, Ed playing acoustic guitar, and Mike on bass. Al doesn't play on it. It can be found on the bootleg "Magic Mountain 1977", along with early versions of "Take Your Whiskey Home" and "In a Simple Rhyme".

03.16.00, 06:04 AM
i have the mp3 of angel eyes

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