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10.06.99, 09:01 AM
There's nothin better than Van Halen Live, any era. For all you traders out there, what are your favorites, and why?

My favorites are:
Wolfgang Attack-Van Halen Live in Osaka 1998, excellent recording, very good show. Gary sounds better than any other recording I've heard. If you want something off the 98 tour, I'd look for this one.

US Festival 83-Dave is hilarious, this guy can get a crowd nuts! They open with Romeo Delight and Dave forgets the words, the solos, the crowd reactions, it's awsome!

Loonie Tune Merrie Mellodies/The Unreleased-Just got this, some of the best and rare music you'll hear.

Last Night at Judo Arena- 1998 tour show, they open with You Really Got Me! Another good recording, almost soundboard quality.

Rockin My Hometown-the 93 tour, very cool show. One of the best with Sammy.

10.06.99, 09:46 AM
Ok I'm doing this off the top of my head, because I don't have my boots in front of me. Also I'm basing these choices mostly on sound quality, not the material per se.

1. That's All Folks - The 25 song VH 1 demo, one of my favorites. I'm a sucker for studio stuff, so this ranks as my fav. I would say "77+ Live", but all of that disc is basically on this one.

2. Young And Wild - The December 20, 1977 at the Pasadena Civic. The recording is excellent soundboard quality, except the speed on the tape seemed to have been a bit slow as the band sounds a bit slow. Other than that though, it's a great recording.

3. Dawn Of 5150 - Again, I just love studio stuff. I just recently got this, so I've been listening to it a lot lately.

4. Goldenwest Ballroom - The first half of the show. Excellent quality, great set, and Eddie is on fire the whole show.

5. California Calling Listen To This Jimmy - The '83 US Festival show. Maybe not the greatest VH performance of all time, but Dave does some funny shit the whole night, apart from forgetting lyrics and being off time the whole night. Eddie's playing isn't at its best either, but I still like show.

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Marc J.
10.06.99, 11:00 PM
Top 5 VH Bootlegs (CD's): That's a tough 1.

1. Blastin' 95! Awesome sound quality. Every track from Wembley rocks out!

2. Unchained Monsters: Same great sound quality & the set list is killer! Romeo Delight smokes!

3. That's All Folks!: Great unreleased material from the studio demos. Better sounding than Blue Print. I love Big Trouble!

4. VH Assaults Montreal: U can feel the energy & Dave actually sings!

5. I Wanna F*ck Your Girlfriend: Classic VH from the early daze! Great intros to Jamie's Cryin' & On Fire!

But what VH boot isn't great in it's own way!

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10.11.99, 12:17 PM
I don't have that many VH bootlegs yet (but i'm working on it).
The last one I bought was
"Balance" Tour In Japan 1995 Complete.
It's recorded in Osaka and the quality on this CD is GREAT.
If you'r interested you can see scans of the covers on
The Number One Sammy Hagar Discography http://home.swipnet.se/sammyhagar
Just click on the Van Hagar button.


10.13.99, 08:57 AM
Top 5 VH boots....

1) That’s All Folks! - Granted, I could do without most of the second disc, but many of the unreleased tunes probably should have made it on an album somewhere. “Put Out The Lights” and “Get The Show On The Road” are two of my favorites.

2) Atomic Punks - (12/20/77) Bought this on vinyl back in ‘82. Great sound quality and show. Only bad thing was that this was the first boot I got, so I mistakenly expected all boots to sound this good!

3) Unchained Monsters - Can’t top the sound quality on this one. Only disappointment is the omission of “When It’s Love” from the show. I think the VH3 songs sounded MUCH better live. The tone from Eddie’s Wolfgang is incredible.

4) Goldenwest Ballroom - The soundboard recording is excellent, and I can’t get enough of VH playing covers. Eddie puts his own personal stamp on other peoples’ songs, plus there’s live versions of some of the “unreleased” tracks. “The Rover” is my fave from this one.

5) Halen Hearty - My choice as the best sounding ‘84 tour show. The band smokes on this one, especially Eddie’s “blues” jam. My only question is, how come there isn’t any soundboard shows form this tour? There must be one somewhere. . .

Blind Willie Loons
07.07.00, 04:35 PM
1. Providence,RI 5-5-81
2. Largo,MD 5-1-80
3. "Oldest Lost Tape"
4. "Covers Band From Pasadena 1976"
5. Assaults Montreal 10/27/82& 8/25/81

Unchained Wolfie
07.08.00, 09:58 AM
Is That's ALL Folks Monoed like Blueprint is??

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07.08.00, 01:12 PM
That's All Folks
US Festival
Live and Loud
Assaults Montreal
December 20, 1977 in Pasadena

Cabo Kid
07.08.00, 01:27 PM
In no order:

That's All Folks
Rocks the Beer Hall
US Festival '83 (btw, what is the difference between this one and "California Calling")
The Unreleased
I Can't Tell You...

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07.08.00, 10:13 PM
I guess in a sense it's not really a bootleg, but the recording they dubbed of VH and Gary at Starlake Amp. in Pittsburgh in 98 is #1 in my book. It's a radio recording, with Pro Mix audio and everything. They have every second of the concert too. It really rocks. Plus they did one hell of a show too.

07.09.00, 09:13 AM
In no order..

1. 5150 Leftovers.. wish I could find more stuff like this!

2. Chicago 4-23-86.. my 1st VH show.

3. Grand Rapids, MI 9-2-98.. INCREDIBLE sound.. and my last, for now, VH show.

4. Demo Daze.. must have!

5. Pasadena, CA 12-20-77.. have it on vinyl.. my first boot.. so, like kpl.. I thought ALL of them would sound this good!

07.09.00, 06:40 PM
my first post, glad to be here
heres what i think is the best dlr shows

1-the unreleased
2-californa calling listen to this jimmy
3-where did all the good timesgo
4-demo daze
5-live and loud