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04.11.00, 02:20 PM
Just wondering if you had to pick one as your favorite, what would it be? Mine would be the US Festival because it was my first boot (not that long ago), and it just sounds so entertaining. Granted Dave was all over the place, but the spirit is alive and well in that show. Love Dave's intro to Ice Cream Man (I began to realize it was a rock and roll night...). What about you?

04.11.00, 04:46 PM
lol ya! thats classic! man! you dont feed that, you dont fix that feedback im gonna kick your ass man i tell ya! lol thats so funny!
dave era: us fest (video)
sonic tokyo (great sound)
blueprint (my copy has awsome sound)
that van halen cover band thing (cool aerosmith stuff!)
the cherokee demos (their first demos from 73 or 74)
goldenwest ballroom (thats damn right!

sammy era: tokyo 89 (holy shit!! i need the video!)
5150 leftovers (cool shit, awsome soundcheck)

gary era: wolfie attack (yowza!)
toronto (video, i was there!!!)

thats about it

*For Those About To Rock...We Salute You*

04.12.00, 02:08 PM
My prefer video boots are :
-Van halen III Sydney 1998
-Toronto 1995
-Tokyo 1989
-Milan 1995
-Philly 1998
-Dallas TX 1991
-Argentina 1983
-Alex 1992 birthday bash
-Toronto 1998
-Fresno 1979
-Brasil 1982
-Montreal 1984
-Montreal 1982
-Okland 1981
-Pensacola 1995
-Whantag 1998
that's what i remember till now !!

Eddie_italian from Italy