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04.04.00, 10:46 AM
never seen it but a frieng told me about a funny snl episode with valerie betinelli/ mrs.vh that had eddie doing a few cameos--anyone know where to get a tape of this??

not sure if it was the same episode but i have got a glimpse of eddie bluesjamming with g.e.smith(that guy is cool) has that music track ever been on boot video or disc??

04.04.00, 02:51 PM
i have the real video of eddies performance with that dude
i forgot his name

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Reggie Hayse
04.04.00, 04:24 PM
If anyone else has the show on tape, I'm interested. I have alittle bit to trade.

Fur Elise
04.04.00, 09:47 PM
The episode in question is called "An Evening at the Van Halen's". It shows Ed and Val having 2 friends over for dinner, and the entire time they're trying to enjoy their evening dinner and conversation, roadies are waiting in the wings countering their every move. They even clear the room and make sure it's safe for them before they arrive. When the telephone rings, they answer it and "check it out" before handing the reciever to them; they make sure the food is okay; they ensure the lighting is adequate, all the typical stuff a roadie does.

The performance portion is with G.E. Smith, and it's called "Stompin' 8H". Ed later "loaned" it to Steve Lukather for an album of his, and borrowed it back later for "Dirty Water Dog" on "VH3". To date, I have never seen it on ANY bootleg, though I wish someone would throw it on one. It's an awesome jam.

As a side note, seeing as how I'm editing this post, I forgot to mention that the main riff for "I Want Some Action!", which was a song originally intended for "5150" but left off, is also used in the middle of "Stompin' 8H". For those of you that are curious, the song was named after the studio where "Saturday Night Live" is taped.

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track 5
04.05.00, 02:42 PM
What do you have to trade? Maybe we can work out a deal. Out.

Reggie Hayse
04.06.00, 04:32 PM
track 5, email me in private and we will talk about it.

04.10.00, 02:28 PM
just got back from the dlr army page--
you can download the clip there--

still hoping to find it on vid/cd