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03.14.00, 07:29 AM
Has anyone out there in Van Halen-land ever heard Eddie play the Star Spangled Banner ala Jimi?
I've heard Page play it. I've heard Vai play it,but what about Eddie?

I think that would be incredible to hear!!!!!!

Eat Us And Smile!!!!!!

03.14.00, 07:58 AM
No never heard ! What a mistake !

Eddie_italian from italy

03.14.00, 08:53 AM
well another band that has done it is boston
its on their greatest hits album

*For Those About To Rock...We Salute You*

03.14.00, 10:17 AM
Bigbubba ! Hi ... u r a big of the guitar !
U know all of music , great !
Wait to see the cds that i sent ya !

Eddie_italian from Italy

03.14.00, 10:20 AM
yea i cant wait!
thanx again!

*For Those About To Rock...We Salute You*

10.13.00, 05:03 PM
Can anyone confirm if the banner from Biloxi '91 is indeed Eddie(the chopped up version...then you hear sambo say,"God bless America..."

Any other versions or appearances?

track 5
10.13.00, 08:07 PM
It's just Jimi, Loons. I remember them playing Jimi's version before the shows back in 91. Eddie could wing it no doubt, if he had to in a pinch. Out

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track 5
10.13.00, 08:12 PM
But speakin' of the peeps that could wing a SSB , Eric Johnson does a mean version of it. Anyway, just thought t5 should chunk that out on the huff for you guy's. Out.

10.14.00, 06:47 AM
Thanks Track 5--I had a feelin' that that was the case. I think Ed played a nanosecond of the SSB 5-21-92 The 2nd Anniv. Cabo Wabo--but it is just a glimpse,barely even a riff. Vai did an amazing version of it I think on the Skyscraper tour. Out(always wanted to do dat).

Red-Balled Mammoth
10.14.00, 11:58 AM
Mikey on Ultra Bass did the line "by the dawn's early light." http://www.vhforums.com/vhlforum/smilies/smile.gif

I can play the line "my country tis of thee" on my high E string. F-F-G-E-F-G. http://www.vhforums.com/vhlforum/smilies/biggrin.gif

"God bless ya southern California, you people are bad-asssss"-DLR at the '83 Us Festival.
"No, that's not a microphone in my pants. I'm just happy to see ya, Californiaaaaaa!"-DLR at the '83 Us Festival

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track 5
10.14.00, 01:48 PM
Loons, or anyone else. Didn't Steve Vai play a version of Star Spangled Banner on Mtv during a Rock and Jock softball game? I'm probably wrong, but I seem to recall that. Anyway, out.

10.14.00, 01:53 PM
Damn that Track 5--that boy's wicked smart.

I think I remember it too,it was cool!

track 5
10.14.00, 02:03 PM
Loons, Kick ass! I'm not wrong for once. LOL.

Anyway, I thought I remember seeing that back when. Thanks for making sure t5 is not the complete idiot that most think. http://www.vhforums.com/vhlforum/smilies/biggrin.gif Out

10.14.00, 09:11 PM
SRV played it a little as well. Never heard of Eddie playing the whole thing. Maybe just a note or two from it thrown into his solo at one time or another.