View Full Version : Loony Tunes-Song 8 on Disc 3

06.13.00, 01:02 PM
Hey guys, I just got the Loony Tunes set today (thanks Loons). I don't know if this has ever been mentioned, but the Instrumental on disc 3 (song #8) sounds very similar to the intro of Mine All Mine. Has anyone else noticed this?

Blind Willie Loons
06.19.00, 05:30 PM
Hey,Glenn,I hear ya preachin'! This is definitely Mine all mine instrumentally--it cracks me up because it sounds like the keyboards didn't come in when they were supposed to--very Spinal Tap-esque. I always liked this tune better as a backdrop to Dave's Tai Chai jive instead of,"...you got Allah in the east,etc."