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03.14.00, 05:09 PM
I'm new to VH bootlegs though I have my share of other artists. Can anyone give me a suggestion for a great one to start my collection?

03.14.00, 06:41 PM
dave era: us festival, sonic toyko, goldenwest ballroom, blueprint (diehard like me lol).
sammy era: any boot of the lwan show, anything from the rhrn tour, rocks the beer hall.
gary era: wolfgang attack (thanx greg!), the hartford show, sydney, the radio show one.

*For Those About To Rock...We Salute You*

Cabo Kid
03.15.00, 05:48 PM
I'd agree with Big Bubba. From the Dave era, I'd also toss in On Fire in Fresno, I'm So Glad OR South American Assault. From Sammy, you can't go wrong with The Usual Suspects or Rocks the Beer Hall (actually the full show Usual Suspects came from). I don't have any Gary boots, although my radio station b'cast one of their shows. It was pretty decent.


03.15.00, 06:26 PM
Ya'll are forgetting about Live And Loud!, Double Dutch Courage, and Unchained Monsters.


03.16.00, 11:31 AM
I guess you'd have to start with one of the WB demo ones (either Blueprint or That's All Folks). 1980 London Invasion is really cool. VH Assaults Quebec(84). Diamond Dave Goes Home Again is cool, but mine pans from side to side in most of it, but it's a great audience recording of the 84 tour. Check out www.vhboots.com (http://www.vhboots.com) it's the real deal and will help you make good choices. Or it will make you insanely jealous as it does to me.http://www.vhlinks.com/vhlforum/smilies/biggrin.gif