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06.23.00, 11:06 AM
you guys sick of me yet?!?

I have a tape from a record convention I bought in 1992.. the track list is..

On Fire
Show Your Love
Runnin with the devil
Ice Cream Man
Simple Rhyme
guitar solo
House Of Pain
Eyes of Night

.. the set seems to mirror, in part, tracks 8-16 on "Goldenwest Ballroom II".. I know they're from 'The Starwood' on a Tuesday Night.. is this 6-1-76?.. do I have some tracks from La Canada HS 2-75?

06.23.00, 11:22 AM
How long is House of Pain on that boot? The version I have on Goldenwest 2 from La Canada is only 1.10 long.

06.23.00, 11:22 AM
Not really answering your question at all. But I have doubts that the La Canada High School 2/75 date is correct from GWB2. The main song from there is Rainbow's 'Man on the Silver Moutain', but Ritchie Blackmore didn't leave Deep Purple until 3-4/75, that song may have been written by then but I'm pretty sure it wasn't released yet.

06.23.00, 11:25 AM
Glen.. my House of Pain is about 4:00

06.23.00, 11:32 AM
Do all of the songs you listed sound like they are from the same show? Does House of Pain sound like it's from a different show?

06.25.00, 08:14 AM
Glenn.. Guitar solo, hosue of pain and eyes of the night sound like a different show.