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07.10.00, 05:16 PM
I have looked at all kinds of stuff on the net trying to find an answer to my problem. The problem I have is this:

I have downloaded several shows off of Sammy's official site. They are all in MP3 form. However, they are all at the 22khz frequency rather than the standered 44khz. The problem with this is my bro-in-law has a burner and uses the Nero program. With this program you convert the MP3 files to wav format then burn them to disk. What happens is the program says it can't burn because the wav's are at the 22khz frequency.

How do I get the MP3's (or wav's) converted to 44khz. I am very much a novice to this stuff and it seems that after looking around the net so much and not finding anything, that maybe this is a "well duh" type of question. (like Homer said- "where's the anykey?")
Are there other burning programs that do this? I asked this question in another thread and Jerel and Jonathan had some ideas. Jonathan mentioned SoundApp but it only works for Mac's. I couldn't find a PC equivalent.

If anyone has any ideas, feel free to email me if the answer is too long to post. (much like this post already.) My address is:

Thank you all very much!

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07.10.00, 07:39 PM
Try this www.musicmatch.com (http://www.musicmatch.com) you may to register it though, if your still having problems email me, and I'll try and help you outhttp://

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07.10.00, 11:05 PM
Thank you Homeunit. I'll try this. I don't have time right now but will very soon. Anyone else?

Some eras may be better than others, but VH is VH to me!