View Full Version : patti smythe / van halen......

04.04.00, 10:41 AM
i have always heard that eddie liked patti smyth and considered collaborating whether or not she replaced roth

over at wolfgang radio a single track is listed as patti smyth and eddie van halen..

where can i find this recording? i can't find it on vh boots

04.05.00, 05:56 AM
Did Eddie and Pattie do a live version of,"River Deep,Mountain High?"

Eat Us And Smile!!!!!!

04.07.00, 04:21 PM
The song is called Maybe We Went Too Far, and it's live at the Roxy in LA in (i think) 1985. I think I know where the Mp3 is, I'll check and come back here.

04.07.00, 04:24 PM
The Mp3 can be found here