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08.19.00, 08:27 PM
My favorites:
1.Donīt tell me what a love can do
2.Right now
4.Why canīt this be love?
5.Crossing Over
6.Eagles fly
7.When itīs love

I reach across to the other side to make contact with you.You fill my dreams.I wanna tell you,tell me why youīre crossing over...

08.19.00, 10:01 PM
So This Is Love? is always awesome live. Hell, they're all great, but STIL seems to stand out right now.

08.20.00, 03:07 AM
Both SGMAD and Mean Street rocked big time on the 3 tour. Also, 5150 from the LWAN video. I don't know, I think almost all the songs they do live are even better than on the album. By the way, when did they ever do Crossing Over live?


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GOOD ENOUGH - HOW MANY SAY I: Not a bad trip either ...

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08.20.00, 04:47 AM
Summer Nights
Dance The Night Away 1979 Live Version
When It's Love

Just to name a few...

08.20.00, 08:27 AM
Highlights live...

Unchained as an opener (any tour)
the drill & Poundcake as an opener
Rockin in the Free World
Year to the Day w/ Ed's solo
Mike singing SGMAD
Dave singing Me Wise Magic next tour

No Bozo's
08.20.00, 12:40 PM
Best Live Songs?

Romeo Delight
I'm So Glad
Finish what ya started
Humans Being

Broken down 'n' dirty dressed in rags

Van Rairden
08.20.00, 02:23 PM
"Hear about it later" and "Dance the night Away"....live version ROCKS!!!!!

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Unchained Wolfie
08.20.00, 03:54 PM
So This Is Love
Ice Cream Man
Aint Talkin Bout Love 78
Everybody Wants Some 81
Runnin With the Devil
Romeo Delight
Mean Street
Right Now
One I Want
Summer Nights

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