View Full Version : Track for a friend

10.27.18, 12:50 PM
One of my best friends is a karaoke host. I thought it would be neat to write a little theme/intro song for him to play at the beginning of his shows. Just a trifle of a "song". Mostly I like the bass and piano riffs. Wanted to get an old school James Brown thing going since my friend is into that sort of thing.


10.28.18, 06:22 PM
Nice. Very fitting piece for that, and I could see it being used for a podcast intro/outro or something too. :thumb:

11.27.18, 04:09 AM
I liked the part that said, "Here we go, the Robert O Show." I now want to surf some cable access channels until I find the elusive Robert O.

Musically it takes me back to the Human League.

11.27.18, 04:15 AM
I liked it but now I have "Here we go, Robert O Show!" stuck in my head...thanks!;)