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11.11.14, 09:01 PM
So I installed this new User Tag feature. It works like Facebook or Twitter where you put the @ before someone's name and it alerts them to visit that comment. Here if you do it, it will link to your profile and in your profile you can see threads where you were tagged or mentioned in. Like i.e. here's what it looks like if I do it for me... Brett. So mess around with it see if you like it. At the top of a thread it looks like you can tag people there too.

The statistics for it are located under "Quick Links" and are called "User Tagging Statistics."



Number 47
11.12.14, 06:37 AM
Likes:, Mentioned:, Tagged: Our boxes are getting crowded. :)

Will the Last Online: box be returning?

11.12.14, 07:36 AM
I'm going to turn this off for now, I'm not convinced it's not slowing the board down.

The Last Online is in your profile actually, I think I'm gonna leave out of the profile on each post.