View Full Version : Happy Birthday Cabo_Brent!

07.07.08, 03:47 AM
Happy Birthday my friend!

Sammy in only a couple of weeks!!!! ON STAGE!!!! :bounce: :headbang: :bounce: :headbang:

07.07.08, 03:59 AM
Happy Birthday!:thumb: Hope it's a great one!:smokin:

07.07.08, 04:15 AM
Happy 10-13!!! Hope you have a great birthday today. :thumb:

07.07.08, 04:35 AM
To one of the nicest people to walk the earth. It is a pleasure to now know you outside the links. Have a tremendous day and I look forward to our next beer outing. :thumb: Cheers!

07.07.08, 05:21 AM
Happy Birthday!! :thumb: Make it a great one!!!

Hurricane Halen
07.07.08, 05:36 AM
Have a shot of Cabo today!!! Happy Birthday CB!! :thumb:

HH<-------Would like a shot of Cabo this morning myself-------------:drunk:

07.07.08, 05:47 AM
Happy Birthday CB! :thumb:

07.07.08, 06:09 AM
Happy Birthday Brent! Although we've never met yet, I hope to see you at the next T.O. linkers get together. Have a great day and have a Corona for me!:thumb:

Tropical Storm Tracey
07.07.08, 08:10 AM
Happy Birthday !!!:thumb:

Ace Ventura
07.07.08, 09:03 AM
Happy Birthday, man! :thumb:

07.07.08, 09:06 AM
Have a great birthday! :smokin:

07.07.08, 10:03 AM
Happy birthday!

Leo Van Newhouse
07.07.08, 11:07 AM
Happy Birthday dude :thumb:

Eddie Rocks!!!
07.07.08, 11:40 AM
Have a great Birthday C.B.!!!

Daisy Hill
07.07.08, 11:46 AM
amazing things happened in history to day.... Howard Hughes crashed his spy plane into Beverly Hills and nearly bought the farm

The Alaska state hood act was signed

The Us instituted it's first military draft...but you could buy an exemption for 100 bucks!

Marc Chagall was born, as was Ringo Starr, Gustav Mahler, historian David McCullough, sci fi writer Robert Heinlein, and the great Satchel Page....an illustrious crowd that I was honored to be associated with, but NOW, I find I share the date with the one and only CABO BRENT.....awesome....have a great B-day!

Nostalgia Act
07.07.08, 01:13 PM
Happy Ten/13 Cabo_ Brent!!

Enjoy the upcoming show.

07.07.08, 02:01 PM
Happy Birthday!


07.07.08, 04:05 PM
Have a Molson or two.....Happy Birthday

07.07.08, 05:28 PM
Happy Birthday, hope it's a good one.