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09.05.00, 03:15 AM
We've all discussed favorite riffs, favorite songs & favorite albums natch. But what are your favorite moments? You know that little something that gives you goosebumps? Allow me to demonstrate...

1) Dave's scream at the start of "Hear about it later"

2) Eddies transtrem riff at the end of the solo on 'Get Up' (especially the live without a net version)

3) Al's comedy 'drum solo' on "Outta Love again"

4) the picking behind the bridge at the start of "Running with the Devil"

...get the picture? So what are YOUR favorites?

09.05.00, 07:07 AM
1. The scream Dave does at 1.45 of On Fire.

2. Could This Be Magic? when Dave says "Edward, thank you".

3. Bottom's Up when Dave laughs during the sing along part.

4. 1984-First time I put on a VH record, this is what I heard, and it still resonates with me.

5. The scream Sammy does on the song 5150 starting at 5.28

6. The drill intro of Poundcake

7. The intro of Feelin

09.05.00, 08:43 AM
There's 'Hey wait a minute where you goin?' from the end of "Beautiful Girls" too, showed me what Dave was all about.

And that laugh in "Bottoms Up", yup, for sure!

Yeah, I was gonna put the intro of Feelin' on my list too, but I got sidetracked by w**k and forgot. Duh.

Cool stuff Glenn...

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Dan Halen
09.05.00, 08:45 AM
Here are a few:

"Feelin" solo

"Not Enough" solo

"Dreams" chorus

Scream at the beginning of "Unchained"

"Class Dismissed!"

"Don't Tell Me" intro

"Somebody said fair warning ... lord strike that poor boy down"

"Reach down ... between my legs and ... ease the seat back"

Dan Halen

09.05.00, 08:59 AM
Another awesome moment is the live Oakland video for Unchained. The guys jamming, the spotlight hitting Dave, "everybody up", the jump off the drum riser. Makes you glad to be alive.

Also the intro of So This Is Love? at the US Festival. Dave's got on the big sunglasses and Eddie has on the ball cap. I love when Dave puts his hand on Eds' shoulder because I love the personal interaction between bands on stage.

09.05.00, 10:34 AM
Some good stuff here, and some stuff I'm not aware of. I'm not gonna repeat, but here's some more:
The car horn intro that announces Van Halen's arrival on "Running With The Devil"
That brief moment of quiet during "Eruption", and again before "You Really Got Me"
The a capella section in "I'm The One"
"Ice Cream Man"
"Dance The Night Away" - first song (in my neck of the woods anyway) that got heavy airplay
Segue from "Spanish Fly" to the opening note(s) of "D.O.A."
Kiss at the end of "Beautiful Girls"
"Look, I'll pay you for it, what the f..."
"Could This Be Magic?"
Intro to "Mean Street"
Spoken section of "Unchained"
"Sunday Afternoon In The Park"
"(Oh) Pretty Woman" video (what I know of it, anyway)
"Happy Trails"
1984 videos (especiall Dave's grin at the end of "Jump" and that smirk he does after "Class dismissed!!" in "Hot For Teacher")
Intro to "Why Can't This Be Love"
Alex sportin' a chrome-dome!
Rotating platform/stage in "Runaround" video
"Right Now" video (even though I don't particularly care for it)
Ed's appearance in "Can't Stop Loving You" video
New songs in '96
Reunion with DLR (TBA)

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Eat Us And Smile, y'all

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09.05.00, 11:09 AM
This is an awesome topic, full of the positivity that Van Halen deserves. Others that keep coming to mind;

Each of the guys swinging on the cables in the Panama video.

Also in the Panama video, when Dave runs up onto the riser on Mikeys' side of the stage and pumps his arms in the air. I love that, probably because I never got to see the original VH live.

Mikey in the Pretty Woman video, he's hilarious.

09.05.00, 11:37 AM
1. Flange/Chorus Scratching intro ATOMIC PUNK

2. Outro/fade out Women and Children first.

3. Dave forgetting 3rd verse of Pretty Woman.


5. The Day VH announces the reuinion tour and new cd is out!

Lata Snake

09.05.00, 12:32 PM
Eruption -outro

Dreams -solo

When It' Love -intro

Light Up The Sky - Al's Drum Solo

to name a few

track 5
09.05.00, 01:40 PM
Hell yeah that's what I'm talking about! Great topic.

1. The scream at the start of Unchained. Still gives goosebumps.
2. The last solo in the Live Oakland vids in So this is Love. That last minute or so is the band hitting on all four cylinders.
3. Big Al during the live version of DTNA. He is just beating the hell out of those drums at the end.
4. Many more, but I would take forever to mention them all.

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09.05.00, 06:19 PM
Unchained-Alex hits a wheel on fire
Ain´t talkin´´bout love-Dave saids "Are guitars players sexy?...Edward show us how sext are you...Alex..."
Cabo Wabo in RHRN-Sammy saids "Where is my girlfriend...oh there she is..."

I reach across to the other side to make contact with you.You fill my dreams.I wanna tell you,tell me why you´re crossing over...

Unchained Wolfie
09.05.00, 07:36 PM
Lets see

"I dont feel tardy" on hot for teacher

"I've been to the Edge: in ATBL

Runnin With The Devil Chorus live

chorus of Feel you Love Tonight

solo in Ice Cream Man

"c'mamamamamamon baby Bottoms Up"

The part in Everybody wants some where you dont know what the hell Dave is saying

In A Simple Rhyme- the intro, and the part with angel singing, and "there will be times"

Intro to Mean Street

Solo to Mean Street where Dave says Dance Baby and that awesome riff comes in and leads right into the awesome solo

A Gun is real easy......And Someboday Said Fair Warning. Lord Lord Strike that poor boy down!!" then the awesome outro

Dirty Movies where Dave yells "Take It Off!!"

The F word for the 1st time in a VH song -Sinnes Swing

The awesome riff at the begining of the solo of Hear About it Later all the way through the end of the solo, but especially the beginning.

Hey Man the Suit is you......

Feelin Solo

Humans Being solo. This realy pumps me up!!

Me Wise Magic- "A buddhist riff for your inner ear" then the awesome solo

"Take it off, Take it off, Yeah!"


09.06.00, 12:25 AM
Oh yeah! "Hey man, that suit is you!". The drummer in my first band looked like Eddie VH, and I remember him smiling his head off as he mimed along with that bit when he played Unchained to me for the first time! So many moments....

"Play it boys!" in Ice Cream Man...

any more?

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The bad news is that we have lost our way. But the good news is we are WAY ahead of schedule!
I learned a lesson baby, and it left a scar. But now I see how you really are...

09.06.00, 06:55 AM
The last two minutes or so of Me Wise Magic are amazing. When Eddie is using that sustain it makes my arm hair rise.

09.06.00, 07:06 AM
I think every song has their magical moment or moments in Van Halen's longevity. I am going to list my "Greatest Moments for Van Halen" in my lifetime based on exciting achievements:

1) Agreeing to open up the 1991 MTV VMA's with "Poundcake" and tearing the house down with a stellar performance.

2) When Van Halen beat out Metallica's Black album and Guns N Roses "Use Your illusion I" albums for Best Rock\Metal album at the 1992 American Music Awards.

3) When Edward performed and acted on SNL in 1987.

4) When FUCK won the Grammy in 1991

5) When "Right Now" beat out overrated Nirvana and the Red Hot Silly Peppers for Video of the Year at the 1992 VMA's.

6) When Guitar World Magazine listed Eddie Van Halen as the "Greatest Guitar Player of all time" in the 1996 edition of the "100 Greatest Guitar Players."

7) When Eddie Van Halen performed and then jammed with guitar greats on the "Les Paul and Freinds" special from 1988 in Brooklyn, NY.

8) When Eddie was voted Greatest Rock Guitar Player of all time on VH-1's "Rock Show" this year.

9) The creation of VHLinks a year ago. Where the real VH fans go!

10) Their album sales and number one albums. Putting them currently at 13th of all time in US Sales. (But one reunion album would easily put them in the top ten.)

09.06.00, 08:53 AM
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Georgie:

9) The creation of VHLinks a year ago. Where the real VH fans go!

D'oh! How could the rest of us have missed this one!

"That's the trouble with love
That's the trouble with war
You never get what you came for..."

Eat Us And Smile, y'all

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Red-Balled Mammoth
09.06.00, 05:35 PM
Amen DanHalen!!!! I love everything that you posted! Some of VHs best moments! I also love the Feelin' solo from Rocks The Beer Hall and the Hot For Teacher.

"God bless ya southern California, you people are bad-asssss"-DLR at the '83 Us Festival.
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09.06.00, 05:37 PM
1. Right before "Jump" on RHRN when Sammy says "what is understood need not be discussed this is one bad ass tune"
2. Towards the end of "When It's Love" when Sammy sings "you and I we're gonna feelthis thing together"
3. The part on "Finish What Ya Started Live RHRN" when Sammy says " I NEED SOME PUSSY"
4. I cant leave this one out, "Right now Van Halens kickin ass in america"
5. On "Source Of Infection" when Sammy says "Is everybody ready lets go!" and when he says "Hey Eddie, sey what, that's what i'm talkin about, wax it down now, ready set go"
6. The entire song "Feelin" and "316"
7. When Dave says "have you seen juniors grades" and then the solo.
8. Drill on "Poundcake"
9. I cant come up with many Roth moments cause I lost all My roth cd's. (pissed off)

" I'm not youre fucking Messiah" Eddie Vedder

09.06.00, 06:52 PM
1) all of the above
2) when they finally announce that me, big bubba is the new frontman.... i cant wait!

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